8th May 2010

“Science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets. No one ever demonstrated, so far as I am aware, the non-existence of Zeus or Thor – but they have few followers now.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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  1. Michael Says:

    Yep. Mayan gods, Olympian gods, Norse gods, Babylonian gods…all faded away. Granted, the Abrahamic followers are pretty stubborn, and don’t want to let their gods go, but given a few millenia they should drift away, too. I assume that a thousand years hence people will be worshipping a near unrecognizable version of Stewie Griffin, or fearing the wrath of God’s Great Blue Tooth!

  2. solomon Says:

    Science nor religion destroys one another. They go hand in hand. Science through reasoning shows sign of gods existence. For Zeus or Thor they are silly men created gods.

  3. robb fenton Says:

    i partly agree with soloman……………science shows signs of Some kind
    of over-riding creative design in the workings both on this planet, and off
    of it.
    but WHAT the sciences are pointing to is NOT necessarily a Diety. the dieities are the creations of the imaginations of men…….nothing more.

  4. Greg Says:

    Who can dispute that the small rock next to my tire in the front yard is responsible for all creation?

  5. H t k a Says:

    Do you even want to? Life to me will always be a mystery.

  6. solomon Says:

    Dear robb fenton,

    Its true most dieties are the creations of the imaginations of men, in searh for an answer or solutions but fail, so they resort to their own sentiments that fulfill their souls. Its different with this one true diety, not the process of mans creation.Its the words of the diety himself poured into the heart of his messenger through the mediator the angle Gigrail. This diety words is inline with science & logic & reasoning. This diety is the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad.

  7. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Of course no one has disproved the existence of Thor. He’s a bad ass…


  8. PEB Says:

    I don’t believe science will ‘destroy’ religion and I don’t frankly care if it does. If people want to waste their time praying to the latest imaginary sky god then thats entirely up to them. I just don’t want to hear about it.
    What I am vehemently opposed to is organised religion in all it’s forms. This is surely the greatest con in human history.

    …and science shows no sign whatsoever of a creative design.

  9. Hypatia Says:


    This diety (sic) words is inline with science & logic & reasoning

    Just saying things doesn’t make them true Sol. You have to use science, logic and reasoning to prove something.

    Solomon’s approach to truth:

    Just because Mohammad allegedly said it, it must be true = gullible fool

  10. H t k a Says:

    We shall see who the fools are come judgement day. God is not mocked.As for science God created the very brain that studies it.

  11. solomon Says:


    All you can rant is “what Mohammad said”. If the Qoran is the words of Mohammad then how can you explain about the phenomenon happening cited by the Qoran? How can the Qoran be so sure that those phenomenon will still happen until today as you can witnessed it? Why…? Why…? Why…? You won’t be able to answer.
    Those phenomenons are like clean water coming from the sky(rain), the night and day that you encounter and many others. This prooves that the QORAN IS THE WORD OF GOD. The word of God who is very sure of what have been said. Answer me if youre not a gullible fool.

  12. solomon Says:


    “…and science shows no sign whatsoever of a creative design.”

    that was the most blantan irresponsible statement coming out from a filthy misguided mouth.

  13. aDeK Says:

    Hello, I am adek. I am 11 years old. I believe in god. I believe in Allah.

  14. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    If, indeed, this aDeK is an 11 year old, then we have among us the number one reason that all religion should be discarded by mankind. The minds of the young have been poisoned before they even have a chance to begin rational thinking. I care very much that there are people worshiping an imaginary sky-god because, even much earlier than 11 years, young people from families of every faith are told from birth that they are this or that; christian or buddhist or islamic; lies, misinformation and nonsense from the very people who are supposed to nurture and care for them.

    Young adek, if you read English as well as the sentences in your statements are written, here is an exercise for you to go through. Perhaps you will understand why there is no god; no allah. You are being lied to and he people who are lying to you have been lied to. It has been going on for a very very long time. But you have a chance to make a change that will save your children and grandchildren from the lie.

    Study this: http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/

    Understanding and refusing to believe in the magic will set your mind free from the delusion of the supernatural. You can live a life of real spiritual freedom.


  15. Hypatia Says:

    This prooves that the QORAN IS THE WORD OF GOD

    As I said before Sol – just saying things doesn’t make them true.

    To be persuasive you have to have intelligent arguments. And you haven’t!

  16. solomon Says:


    You ar just out of argument are’nt you?

  17. solomon Says:

    As for aDeK, an innocent 11 year old boy/girl have the feel that there is God. Its just you adults who is ungrateful to the one who have created you and gave you life.

  18. H t k a Says:

    aDeK, stay off this site, if anything will screw you up in life this site will.There are many heathen here , who have no respect for the things of God or the people who believe in Him.

  19. JoNa Says:

    I’ 14 yr .I believe in God too, solomon, edek & hdka.

  20. Atheist MC Says:

    Hmm! wonder why we “appear” to be attracting minors to this site all of a sudden.
    If it is true that young people are reading these debates I have one thing to say to them. Believe nothing and no-one without evidence, even atheists. Seek information, not opinion and cultivate critical thinking skills to allow you to tell them apart.

    As for the quote: Science does not seek to disprove religion, it assumes a naturalistic explanation for the world as default, but if evidence of a deity was present science would accept it as a testable hypothesis and experiment accordingly. The fact that to date science has found no necessity to hypothesise deities to explain the universe is good enough reason to discount their existence for now.

  21. John Says:

    I have a question about how the koran got here. Did it just appear on some toilet seat at the local stable somewhere? I have never heard of a magic printing company that makes anything material on this planet without some man/woman being involved in process of construction and thus able to manipulate the outcome for a singular reason.

    As for aDe: He/She has not found the right answers rope chanting words of some Dark Age fantasy books and is searching for some truth in their young life. Keep your mind open Dude and don’t let religion poison your heart.

  22. Htka Says:

    Jona,Keep pressing on man.

  23. aDeK Says:

    I don’t know. My father said God is allah. Thank you.

  24. The Heretic Says:


  25. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Well Put, A-MC. Victor Stenger makes a convincing argument that it a god existed than we should be able to test for her presence. What he’s saying is that if a god with the traditional attributes ascribed to the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god were present and active in the world then there are certain implications that would be testable within the scientific method. As the expected evidence has failed to be found we can say the hypothesis has been disproved.

    This doesn’t rule out a creator god of deist or pantheist construction but it does rule out the kind that Islamic terrorists are launching poison gas attacks on girls’ schools for.

  26. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    ADek – precisely. Your father told you. And his father told him. And on and on. The say may my parents told me. I’ve decided they were wrong.

    What I would hope for you and for my own child is that you not except things without evidence. The first step is to learn what evidence IS. All the holy books have human sources that can be investigated. All the believers in the holy books believe theirs to be true. They cannot all be right but they can all be wrong.

    Whatever you chose to believe you ought to have a better reason to do so than because a family member told you it was true. People have all through history believed things that were false.

  27. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I meant – The same way my parents told me. Sorry for the typos.

  28. solomon Says:


    Don’t listen to those people. They are SATANN!!! They want you to be in HELLL!! with them. And JoNa you a good boy/girl. Pray to God. You will be brought to HEAVEN……HEAVEN is a beautiful place,,,,,,,,,

  29. John Says:

    Sounds like someone did a line…

  30. PEB Says:

    I would urge aDeK and JoNa to stay away from this site. The nature of the topics covered here aren’t suitable for your age (without wishing to sound patronsing).
    Forget about religion and atheism and go and have fun with friends.

  31. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    I think, like The Heretic has indicated, that we may need to presume that we are being blitzed with trolls. Notice that solomon’s grammer and spelling have “suddenly” improved. Then we have a n00b that creates a user name with alternating caps/lower case. Sometimes spread out like H t K a and other times close in as Htka. Then we get two supposed children aDeK and JoNa. What a coincidence that they have patterned their monikers in a similar fashion. It’s just going to get worse with them ignoring the questions and sound advice of AMC, John, CZ, Hypatia, PEB, Greg, Michael and others.

    A perfect example of why people should demand evidence for everything can be found in the following statement from aDeK, “I don’t know. My father said God is allah. Thank you.” That is the very reason that EVERYONE in the world today believes in ANY form of religion – because their father (or mother or both) ‘said so’.

    Sad but true!


  32. Michael Says:

    aDeK, I’m sure that your faith is strong. This is, believe it or not, a good place to start. It means that you can ask question or have any doubt and, if what you believe is true it can stand up to any questioning. The true test of any faith is to fearlessly do your best to tear it apart – if it’s true it will stand.

  33. Atheist MC Says:

    Just as a matter of interest are HtKa, aDeK and JoNa using the same or similar email addresses?

  34. BEP Says:

    Indeed Admin. Can’t this sort of thing be stopped?

  35. Greg Says:

    I think it’s time for the admin to step in. It’s obvious that aDek and JoNa are trolls.

    And doesn’t htka seem a lot like tech? Just sayin that it’s kind of funny that he comes along just as tech is exiting stage left….I didn’t think he could keep to his promise to stay away.

    Indeed, theists, stay off the site if you don’t like what we discuss.

    We promise not to come into your churches or temples and talk sense….

  36. John Says:

    Come on, do we want this site becoming a site where preachers are seaching for kids, also?

  37. solomon Says:

    Look at the atheists, they are already trembling with the confessions of young kids.Now they are accusing us as imposters.The pattern of their monickers are just mere coincidence. But I admire the courage of the kids.They are the future heroes of religion. But adek or jona let me give you a piece of advice.Go help your mother or do your homework. Let your brother take care of people who have no God.

  38. Atheist MC Says:

    The pattern of their monickers are just mere coincidence??!!
    How come you learnt English all of a sudden.

  39. John Says:

    As for religion, I think that it is doing a fine job on it’s own diminishing its importance if human life, so I agree as always with Mr. Clarke. Unfortunately, there will always be a few crazed individuals out there somewhere bent on making others’ lives as miserable as their own. It always seems that it’s the “male” preachers that are the ones ‘least out publicly; forcing boogey man stories from those old outdated and irrelevant books down the throats of the experienced and uneducated youth. However, possible the greatest event in human history will prove to be that all the while they are… the very same youth are on the internet searching for and have access to the real story. Look out boogey man…


  40. John Says:

    Sorry SHB “in” not “if” human life.

  41. Greg Says:

    Don’t Muslim “heroes” have a penchant for blowing themselves up? Seems to me they like to express their religion violently in crowded markets and temples from time to time. Puts quite the exclamation point on their peaceful religion, doesn’t it?

    Is that what you mean by “take care of people who have no God” Solomon? You’d like us to be gone, wouldn’t you? That’s what your holy book preaches, so I can only assume that’s what you mean.

    Kill the infidel. Isn’t that what your “prophet” Mohammad preaches? Kill.

    Is that how Islam reveals itself, Solomon, through intimidation, coercion and death?

    If your religion was “perfect”, as you claim, then it should be perfectly logical and reasonable. But it is neither logical nor reasonable, is it? Yet you can’t admit that because, if you do, you admit that the entire fabric of your being is based on deception and lies.

    I feel sorry for you, Solomon, having to live a lie and relying on threats and violence in order to coerce others to go along with you. What a sad existence.

    What a pathetic excuse for a life you live, Solomon, when you can’t stand the fact that others haven’t bought in to your delusion and you can’t let them live in peace.

    Islam claims to be the religion of peace, but proof is in action, not in words, Solomon. I don’t see non-believers driving cars laden with explosives into crowded markets. I don’t see non-believers hijacking planes and flying them into buildings. I don’t see non-believers cutting heads off innocent people on the internet. I don’t see them blowing trains up or killing school children.

    Tell me, dear Solomon, is this what you represent? Is this what you stand behind? If not, speak out against it now, on this site – forcefully and strong. Denounce the actions of Muslims and explain to us all how they are wrong and you are right. Don’t make excuses for them.

    But be careful, Solomon: they read the same book as you, and they find justification for what they do in those very same pages.

  42. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Science didn’t do away with Zeus or Thor. They were supplanted by the next religions to come along. There were many before and since, each claiming to be “the one” and one by one they’ve fallen by the wayside as another irrational belief system rose up. Where I’ll find agreement with Mr. Clarke is that today we have the Scientific Method and its attendant habits of thought and standards of evidence. So science may not have been a big factor in the demise of ancient religions but it is unquestioningly a source of the pressure religion finds itself under today.

  43. solomon Says:

    Greg, Islam=Religion of peace, Suicide bombings=Not the works of muslims, Suicide bombings=works of Satan, Satan=No god people, No god people=Atheists. Now can you see the relations Greg? The Atheists are the ones that have done much damage but they did’nt want to admit. I don’t have to outlined it one by one. They started off everything with lies, what one will expect of its outcome?

  44. Admin Says:

    “are HtKa, aDeK and JoNa using the same or similar email addresses?”

    Atheist MC: aDek appears genuine. JoNa not so.

  45. Greg Says:

    They all sound like our old friend tech, to me.