13th May 2010

“This week, the U.N.'s top human rights body, renamed the Human Rights Council, is poised to add Libya to its membership. Libya will be elected by the U.N. General Assembly through a secret ballot in a process that champions geographic and religious loyalties over anything remotely resembling the actual protection of human rights.”

Anne Bayefsky

31 Responses to “13th May 2010”

  1. robb Says:

    this is really, really pathetic news. there is just no excuse for anyone to
    pay attention to ANYTHING the U.N. has to say about human rights. the UN
    is like a sad old relative with a fading and confused mind….completely out of touch with the unfortunate realities in the modern global community.
    Libya is a sick nation with sick leaders. it’s a boiling cauldron of homicidal
    religious fanaticism, and a seething hatred of the US and its friends. their
    “morality,” if you choose to call it that, is an on-going fomenting of HATRED and terrorist destruction.
    there are Extremely Dangerous people in this world who WILL, given
    propitious (to them) circumstances , ignite nuclear weapons to carry out
    their “vision” for the world………and Libya is a friend to them all.
    it is time for the people who have SOME sense left to stop moping around, and clinging to the delusional belief “God” will not let this world be destroyed……………….GET REAL !!!
    recognize Libya for contributions to human rights !?!? oh please.

  2. solomon Says:

    Ahhh…….you are only ranting LIESs…robb

  3. Margaret Says:

    Sad news. Too many despots rely on the gullibility of believers to sustain their power. The religious seem to live by the mantra–“Why worry about this world if the afterlife is going to be so much better, so let the tyrants do what they want, religion is the source of our hope, and god will punish the wrongdoers”. Except he never does. In the meantime, the corrupt rulers use the religious for their own selfish ends, and the religious believers vigorously protect the same policy that oppresses the common people. The tenets of religion even motivate some of the insanity. Some fundamentalists only support Israel because they believe Israel is a crucial player in events leading up to Armageddon, the return of Christ, and establishment of his eternal kingdom. To the religious mind, Armageddon, economic collapse, plagues, nuclear war, famine, droughts, etc. are fufilled prophecy, history inching closer to the establishment of a theocracy which favors them above all others. The writers of the bible were smart to prophesize wars, famines, and hardship, because every single generation has tragedy. Every generation for the past 2 thousand years has believed they were living in end times. Except they never were. Ironically, religion will finally motivate some madman to actually ignite the fuse. NUclear war, why not? God is on our side, he has promised us believers we will be alright, ha ha. Once that occurs, the survivors will be looking for their savior to come and kiss the boo boo and make it all better. When he doesn’t, then they will just make excuses, more mythology to explain the mess, but the believers won’t take the blame for anything, they will spin it so it is the evil rational people’s fault for angering their god. If religion takes control of politics and technology, we all might as well be prepared to go live in tents. Human progress will grind to a halt. Libya is a hell-hole, if UN supports it, then the UN is also corrupt.

  4. PEB Says:

    Solomon. From your post can I assume you live in Libya? Of course you don’t. You probably enjoy a a western lifestyle sat in the US or the UK with plenty of religious freedom and human rights laws to protect you.

  5. robb Says:

    well put, margaret. here’s a little something to ponder…..
    i suspect that in the mind of fanatic mid-east religious zealots, there exists a certain warped fascination with the idea nuclear destruction , once un-leashed, is IRREVOCABLE !!! they think to themselves ,” oh boy! once i push this button , NOTHING will ever be the same !! AND I DID IT !!
    so, they feel like they are either in CONTROL of a god-like power, or that surely their access to this power is a symbol of their god working through them. this gives them a pretty serious hard-on……….and they get even MORE worked up…..and they wind up screaming at the rest of the world,
    ” we will DESTROY you and all your filthy beliefs, and filthy life-styles
    and values. ”
    scary , huh?
    and every delay in their quest for the ultimate hammer just fires them up even MORE.
    and this, unhappily, is the total focus of Libya. their approach to human
    rights ( other than their own ) is to simply obliterate it. and , i am convinced that eventually , this WILL come to pass …………..either
    the Libyans……or some other jerks……….will touch off the nuclear
    trigger…..and ONE-ONE MILLIONTH of a second ( true) later , the earth
    will be dealt the last blow.

    sad, but inevitable.

    one last note: to solomon….seek help.

  6. Margaret Says:

    Sadly, religion is not just an opinion anymore. The entire ecosystem of our planet is threatened.

  7. The Heretic Says:

    The UN has been irrelevant for many years now. When Western nations stop patronizing their corrupt organization, they (the UN) will be put out of business. Unfortunately, there are those with blinders on that feel like one central organization ruling the world will solve all of its problems. That is all fine and dandy when you don’t have petty, corrupt people running the show. But, 99% of people are that way – good luck finding the 1% that is the altruest with common sense. They may be out there but chances are they don’t want the job.

  8. solomon Says:

    Dear Margaret,
    Your rants are merely based on hatred, orchestrated lies and of that sort which is insignificant to be debated or can willingly be ignored.

  9. solomon Says:


    Your guessing is not close to any of those at all. You will be surprise if you know my origin.

  10. solomon Says:


    Your useless rants is worse than Margaret’s.

  11. solomon Says:

    Atheists are one group of people full of hatred, guilt, sins,jeolousy and unconfident & worry of others blessed progress granted by God. They are cornered, cursed, condemn by every soul & God due to their ungrateful & boastful thick headed stone hearted nature.

  12. John Says:

    I would wipe my bottom with gods however, I need to send them to the bank to pay the mortgage.

  13. solomon Says:

    Your bottom will be charcoal black licked by the fires of HELL!!

  14. Margaret Says:

    I take this opportunity to thank Solomon for proving my point. He proves that a religion-poisoned mind is trapped within its own fantasy world and cannot be reasoned with. NOT worth the effort to try to fire any brain cells in his head. He has a conditioned response reflex, no doubt from years of brainwashing, to spew nonsense if exposed to new ideas. Too bad some people are not strong enough to wake up from indoctrination. Sadly, much of the human race is similarly polluted, large enough in number to destroy this world.

  15. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Money making idea – Koran toilet paper for sale at the next AAI conference. Separate the chapters with pictures of little pink pigs.

  16. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Yeah, Sol’s in a terrible mood today. Must have missed the stoning.

  17. John Says:

    I’ve got a package of wieners and a bag of marshmallows… Bring hell on, dude. The beer is ice cold and I am at the beach smoking a joint and we are all laughing at your stupidity… Fool… waste your life resiting you poison.

    Look at that bikini……. bye….

  18. Michael Says:

    “Atheists are one group of people full of hatred, guilt, sins,jeolousy and unconfident & worry of others blessed progress granted by God. They are cornered, cursed, condemn by every soul & God due to their ungrateful & boastful thick headed stone hearted nature.”

    I don’t tell anyone they’re going to rot in Hell! I don’t make comments about apostates being “disposed of!” (What’s the matter? You too much of a coward to say “murdered?”) I don’t wish pain or suffering or some stupid god’s wrath on ANYONE! I don’t call everyone who disagrees with me a liar! I don’t come to this website and spew hatred and ill will on every page!

    You do!

  19. solomon Says:

    See the Atheists fools viewers. After theyre out of argument they resort to intoxication & ranting rubbish. They are only LIARS who only wants to see Gods ways are destroyed but to HELL they are doing an useless job. They are the people roaming this earth without faith & guidance, theyre just like livestocks living on food. They will always be degraded on earth & will surely be condemned to HELL.

  20. solomon Says:


    You don’t do all that because you don’t or refuse to know truth. Yes I do all that to warn you all of the danger you all are into. Is anything wrong with that?. Did I pose any threat to you all?Yes I can’t make you belief what I have been trying to deliver without Gods will but I’ve tried at least to condoned your lots influence to other viewers. I too did’nt on a single occasion imply someone who don’t agree with me a liar. I call those who have seen signs of God and refuse to accept truth are indeed a blantant Liar.

  21. Michael Says:

    1. “They are only LIARS”

    2. “I too did’nt on a single occasion imply someone who don’t agree with me a liar.”

    1 + 2 = You’re quite the liar yourself, you bloody zealot.

  22. Margaret Says:

    One of the difficulties in communicating with believers is the double standard. If a believer expresses an idea onto a thread, he expects unconditional acceptance of his religion. If an atheist expresses an idea, he is just an Ugly Evil Atheist. This is hypocritical. After all, the believer and the non-believer are both doing the same thing–expressing their ideas–but the believer commends himself and condemns the atheist for that. When an atheist expresses an idea onto a thread, he expects skepticism and rational debate. I am not upset if someone disagrees with me. My nephew has differing political ideas than mine, but we talk to each other with love, and I have learned from him, and he has learned from me. Respect is wonderful, but it has to be earned. Don’t throw religious ideas onto an atheist thread and expect unconditional acceptance.

  23. Michael Says:

    [zealot cap on] But God is love, so if you don’t love God then you must be hate-filled. And evil. [/zealot cap off]

    Most religious adherents think they are being reasonable. In fact, most are if you leave religion out of the mix. But to many the above statement seems perfectly logical. Sol, for instance, is a perfect example of someone who can engage with people who are intelligent, thoughtful people who don’t believe in any gods, and then be blinded by this idea that they MUST, that HAVE to be full of hatred to not see that his god is just so wonderfully perfect.

    Frankly, my inability to let some things go, combined with Sol’s vitriol are quickly ruining this page for me.

  24. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    You know, Mike? For a while this place got quite civil when we simply ignored the troll. I’m as guilty as anyone because sometimes her stupidity is so monstrous you just can’t ignore it. Frankly, I really think Sol is having a laugh because it’s inconceivable that someone with enough intelligence to use a computer could also hold the positions she says she does. I’m going to go back to ignoring her.

  25. PEB Says:

    I’m with you Catpn. Enough is enough. I don’t believe a word he’s posted. A pro Libyan, sexually repressed bigot who despises atheists and would like to see our bottoms licked in hell (insert homosexual reference here).
    I’m sticking to the quote. This is a great site that is being ruined.

  26. robb Says:

    you know, i have this little feeling that ” Solomon” may be the product of
    somebody’s imagination……………i.e. not real.

    just a thought.

  27. Michael Says:

    Good advice, Cap. Although I have a hard time doing so, I really should do my best to see Sol’s posts as blank spots. I would welcome any theist who wants to discuss or debate the quotes here, or theism in general, but Sol is…well…special.

  28. solomon Says:

    Refute any of my doctrines if you all wants to prove yourselfs not liars.

  29. Atheist MC Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It matters not a jot if Sol changes his mind (he won’t, and I think he’s probably a plant too). What he does, is stimulate debate over and above the initial quote. Let’s face it, most informed atheists have the philosophy down pat by now and most of the quotes have a “yeah, but so what” air about them. We know there is probably no god(s), we know that all established religion is bull, we know that all lifestyles are equally legitimate insofar as they do no not infringe on other people’s liberty. So what are we all here for? To talk to each other constructively, over the head of the imbecile Sol, philosophise, sophologise and occasionally theologise with the ultimate result that we all end up better equipped to resist the attempts of theists to run the world by superstition and irrational dogma.

  30. Michael Says:

    Jesus couldn’t have said it better, MC. No, really. He couldn’t.

  31. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC ,

    God poures clean water from the sky. Prove that its wrong if its not the word of God. You don’t have to go around ranting other nonsense.

    Its easy to judge who’s lying & who’s not.