15th May 2010

“It is easy for religious faith, even if it is irrational in itself, to lead a sane and decent person, by rational, logical steps, to do terrible things.”

Richard Dawkins

19 Responses to “15th May 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    Terrible things are done by Atheists Mr. Dawkins. Homosexuality for example.

  2. NoReflection Says:

    you are full of hate .and i can contest to a least a dozen native`s under your priesthood torture who were horribly,for your knuckle dragging atitude abused beyond beliefe ,,i was therer

  3. Edmond Says:

    Solomon, can you explain how homosexuality is a terrible thing a person does? Seems like a strange comment, if it doesn’t affect you.

  4. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Professor Dawkins has once again made a profound statement of real significance only to have a person who is unwilling and unable to study science and biology make a comment of monumental stupidity and ignorance.


    Here is some beauty and truth to sooth the honest among us: http://www.flixxy.com/hubble-ultra-deep-field-3d.htm


  5. Alavi Hossain Says:

    once again mr. dawkins, thank you

  6. solomon Says:

    Ok Edmond,

    Take a deep breath & relax…..

    1. Homosexuality retards the family institution. Imagine no marriage.
    2. Homosexuality retards biological norms.
    3. Homosexuality does not help reproduction at all.
    4. Homosexuality an agent of human extinction. Imagine if everyone is gay.
    5. Homosexuality is the agents of HIV.

  7. solomon Says:

    Bornagain A. Theist,

    After seeing the video one is running away from truth if still denying those wondrous creations have no intelligent diety behind its governing systems.

  8. Edmond Says:

    Ok. Deep breath.



    Very cleansing. Very calming. Thank you, Solomon.

    Now, your points.

    1) Um, hm. Retards the family institution? Sorry, I find that kinda vague. Could you clarify? Families SEEM to be continuing to thrive. I’m not sure I see any interference. Imagine no marriage? Why do I need to do that? Marriage isn’t going anywhere. People have been being gay since there have been people, familes seem to be doing ok. This sounds a bit like a non-sequiter. I’d like to hear more.

    2) I could directly refute this one without much wondering. No, biological “norms” are doing ok too. Maybe this is more vague than I can understand, maybe I’d like to hear more about this too.

    3) Reproduction? You’re not REALLY worried about reproduction, are you? Humanity is NOT dying out. Television doesn’t help reproduction, either, nobody is fighting against THAT.

    4) Everyone is NOT gay. Only a small percentage of people are gay. Let’s not create bigger problems in our heads than exist in the real world. If homosexuality was an agent of extinction, then humanity would be extinct already. In fact, ALL life would’ve died out, because homosexuality has been observed in most species. Between numbers 1 and 4, maybe you’re imagining too much.

    5) No, homosexuality is NOT the “agent” of HIV. With this statement, you’ve made me skeptical of all of your other arguments. Heterosexuals get HIV too, right? Unprotected sex is the agent of HIV. Good sexual values, good sexual education, will help put a stop to HIV infections. There’s also no reason to focus on HIV. There are MANY STD’s in the world, some are related to homosexuality, some are not. There’s no reason to focus on one alone, and assume that it demonstrates that one form of passing it is wrong, while another form gets a pass. Both homosexuality and heterosexuality are equally guilty of this, neither orientation comes out on top in this argument.

    Never mind. Your later comments about the intelligent deity “behind” governing the systems of nature give you away, which is unfortunate. Wondrous creations? Are flatulence and dandruff part of some god’s “wondrous” design? Do leukemia and Alzheimer’s show how “intelligently” we were put together? Is autism just a punishment visited upon the child for the sins of the parent? Was an appendix, wisdom teeth, MALE NIPPLES necessary for a deity to govern us? I only see NATURE in charge, and if there’s a god, it seems like it could do a MUCH better job. We should be able to just run on MAGIC, instead of the complex rules of physics and biology.

  9. PEB Says:

    The last National Secular Society newsletter outlined the religious beliefs of the new UK cabinet members. It always amazes me that these people have been put in positions of real power and responsibility but essentially they have been fooled into believing religious fairy stories.
    These are sane and decent people. What else could they be talked into believing?

  10. Hypatia Says:


    Terrible things are done by Atheists Mr. Dawkins. Homosexuality for example.

    Can I just point out that not all homosexuals are atheists. Why do you conflate the two Sol?

    There are even (shock horror) Muslim homosexuals. Only they have to keep quiet about it in case fellow members of the “religion of peace” put them to death.

  11. The Heretic Says:

    DFTT!!!!! I am sticking to rules #1 & #2 until Solomon comes up for air.

  12. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    You could make Dawkins’ statement at any point in history and the very next day he’d be proven right. For example, devout followers of the insane religion of peace yesterday delivered a double suicide bombing at a football game. 25 dead and about 100 injured. It could reasonably be suggested that these bombers don’t represent Islam as a whole but I think it’s beyond question that they themselves were devout believers. How else do you get sexually repressed losers to immolate themselves along with a large number of their innocent victims? Promise them virgins. Lie to them that god approves of their actions. Point to passages in their obscene book that urge violence. Promise to reward their families.

    All the Abrahamic religions are capable of promoting this. Islam happens to be the best at it right now. The way Islamic societies reward ignorance and repress their people, the pool of disaffected slobs that can be manipulated by the above reasons seems very very deep. I’m not sure how they get out of it. In Christianity, most Christians are happy to ignore the Old Testament, which is great since its so appalling. Muslims are stuck without a New Testament that would give them similar licence to ignore their current militant handbook.

  13. solomon Says:


    We both know responding to your comments is just a waste of time, something that you would have expect its outcome & just pretending to be unaware of it in turn try to hit me back with my answers. Lets concentrate to bigger issues, issues that involves faith. However not to disappoint anyone I’ll touch just a little on your responds.

    1. Marriage is an institution recognize by civilize society & religion. Without marriage humans will live exactly like in an animal kingdom. They won’t recognize who would be their mum,dad,son,daughter,aunties,cousins etc. Everyone can fuck anybody just like livestock.An illegitimate offspring have no say in matters related to inheritance. See a lot of problems will arise without marriage.

    2. Even the animals prefer what is appropriate in sexual relationship. Look at the lion or the apes colony. Have you often came across any of them perform those despicable acts among themselves. They live as one happy family with mates and offspring. Even the sperms knows what to do. They swim to find the ovum. What happens if they grouped among themselves. Minute creatures, insects, microbes even the plants knows their job. Only most humans retards the biological norms. Can’t you see that? What the gays did are USELESS.

    3. Its fortunate that there are still a lot of sane humans roaming this earth. If its not for that one could imagine what will happen to the human population.

    4. Either humanity becomes extinct or not homosexuality have played an active role. You are citing the isolated cases of homosexuality that has been observed in other species to made your acts legal. You’re just like an animal, just following their urge or lusts. Do you want to be labeled as beasts? Animals have no thoughts doing anything that would suit its needs not knowing whether its useless.

    5. I’am talking about homosexual, heterosexual is at the mean time out of topic. Homosexuality are the originators of HIV. Then they pass or infected others with this disease. Up to date 39 million people have been infected. No amount of good sexual values or good sexual education, will be able to put a stop to HIV infections if these groups of pathetic individuals still roams the earth.

    Do you think you or anyone else could do a better job than God? Provide sustenance to billions of living creatures for millions of years. Running this universe for billions of years. Who could do a better job than God. Autism, leukemia or Alzheimer was just a small test to humans, and its also not without a cure. That small tests made you skeptical or have bad thoughts about God whereas you are not at any instant thanked or be grateful to God who have provide most of your needs. What you assume of the complexity of science or biology is just a chicken feed subject to God. God is most intelligent.

  14. solomon Says:


    Not all homosexual are Atheists but most Atheists are Homosexual. They like that label and seldom or not at any instant refute it. Homosexuals does not have to be differentiated by the backgrounds of their beliefs or faiths.

  15. The Heretic Says:

    Most atheists are homosexual??? Where do you get that statistic you walking pile of hatred? Do you just make things up out of thin air and type away? (Of course you do – that was rhetorical.) Homosexuals do not hurt anyone by existing – and certainly not you. Scientists have not pinpointed how HIV manifested, so your speculation is moronic and uninformed. Female homosexuals have zero chance of spreading or catching HIV. In fact, they are probably the safest group out there. Once again you have proven yourself to be a vile bigot with little redeaming value.

    I know, I know. I fed the nincompoop. #1. Got it. I will try to do better. I think I need a drink.

  16. Atheist MC Says:

    Did anyone notice that Sol has admitted the universe is billions of years old?

  17. solomon Says:

    The Heretic,

    I too could also simply say that FU***NG cat do not hurt anyone by existing, but whats the point of saying if non of it is true. If scientist or doctors have not speculated the origins of HIV then how the hell does it have been well aware. Now you are turning away from the main topic by mentioning lesbians.

  18. JoNa Says:

    Is that true this is a homosexual site?

  19. Edmond Says:

    I don’t know if people read this site the day after the quote, so I’ll just have fun with this.


    1) There you go again with your “without marriage”. Who said anything about getting rid of marriage? Why do you keep saying that?

    2) Animals live as one happy family with mates and offspring? Have you ever watched a nature documentary? There are few examples in nature of animals living in a nuclear-family structure similar to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. In some cases, the mothers have to protect the young or the fathers will eat them.

    3) I don’t even understand what you mean by what you said there, other than equating homosexuality with insanity. I think it’s UNfortunate there are so many INsane people in the world believing that invisible creatures in the sky are granting their wishes.

    4) I thought you said that animals lived in big happy families? You’re contradicting yourself here. Should we be like animals or not? Here’s some news for you, we ARE animals. We will be subject to our lusts and urges sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with that. We ALSO have the ability to think and reason, so we can rise above our destructive behaviors, but homosexuality ISN’T one of them. Your fears of human extinction are groundless. There’s 7 BILLION of us, and more every day.

    5) I don’t have HIV, my partner doesn’t have HIV, presumably nobody that either of us have ever been with ever had it either. Hardly supportive of your theory that HIV originates from homosexuality.

    If you think there’s a god doing a good job of running the world, then you don’t get out much. Providing sustenance to billions of living creatures for millions of years? Ever heard of something called starvation? How about that extinction concept you’re so fond of? Did the dinosaurs sin? Is that why your god got rid of them? God couldn’t have shored up the numbers of the dodo bird or the moa somehow? As far as I can see, god seems to operate according to the laws of phyics and random chance, but you’d have us believe you know all about his existence and intelligence, by standards none of us can imagine, I’m sure, since he can’t be seen, heard, felt or sensed in any appreciable way. All you have to do is voluntarily believe that you know all about him.