17th May 2010

“It's so fascinating to have lived in a period when religion has taken the thrashing it deserves. Not that it has entirely; we still have a few religions knocking around, doing exactly what they've done through the ages – which is fucking up everything.”

John Hurt

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  1. solomon Says:

    Other religions maybe, but not the true religion, ISLAM.

  2. Edmond Says:

    That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. They’re ALL equal parts speculation, mythology, and domination. You just bought one flavor of snake oil over all the others.

  3. solomon Says:

    Would you care to tell which part of the Qoran are only speculation, mythology, and domination Edmond if youre the man of truth. If you can’t answer this then you must have been a LIAR!!!

  4. Devout Atheist Says:

    Solomon, You make me laugh. I pity you and your ignorance.

  5. Atheros Says:

    Soloman – shhh, you are a fool!!

    Anyway – John Hurt hit the nail on the head. Religion really is fucking up everything – very sad.

    Funnily enough I said the self same thing to a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses yesterday that decided to call on me at 8.30 AM on a Saturday – I added that they were helping to make a mess of mankind and that I donated to cancer research rather than a church, that for some stupid reason will not allow blood transfusions. I shook my head in pity and closed the door.

  6. solomon Says:

    A plain response came out from the mouth of a Devout Atheist. Sometimes I lose pity for the Atheists who’s gonna face HELL due to their boastful ungrateful nature to God who have created them. Refuting all clear signs of God without knowledge but just following their lusts.I guess HELL is just a JUSTS place for them.

  7. solomon Says:


    Its you who are the fools & you will know it in a little while. You will see HELL and indeed you will jump into it.

  8. solomon Says:

    The Atheists plight to refute God is so little, of no significance & incomparable to God’s revelations. He creates everything. That was the most comprehensive doctrine ever reveal. No other fake gods or humans have ever come close to such a thought. “The greatest show on earth?” Ahh……it contains lousy lies.

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    The quote though rather blunt nicely encapsulates why I am not jsut an atheist but an extremely vocal one. Religion does indeed “fuck everything up”

  10. PEB Says:

    Nicely put. Their god must be so proud of the way members of organised religion have murdered and raped in his name.
    Perhaps he will thank the religious leaders who codemn millions to a horrible death by telling them condoms are against his holy word.
    He might be overjoyed when someone decided under sharia law how big a stone must be when stoning a 17 year old married rape victim who committed ‘adultery’.
    Do you think he is happy that Islamic leaders are blaming earthquakes and volcanoes on women who show a little flesh? He spent a long time creating the tectonic plates and boobs are getting all the glory!
    He must be a bit pissed off that he created the world a very long time ago and it’s only in the last 2000 years have we given him any recognition?

    I bet his favourite bit is as he watched like a proud parent when one of his chosen representatives on earth in the catholic faith anally raped a disabled boy. I bet it rained tears as god took lots of photos.

  11. solomon Says:

    “fuck everything up”
    Yeah just a word that has no power in it.

  12. solomon Says:

    PEB have nothing more conclusive to say rather than intoxically rant rubbish lies to sabotage religion. Sometimes I think the Atheists are the ones craving for the lusts of power which and will never will be granted by God to them coz they are the condemn lots. They will be punished at what they say & lie about god.

  13. solomon Says:

    Dear Atheists,

    You can’t in any way win on arguments on the existence of God. Get back to God. He’s most gracious & most mercifull. He’ll pardon you all even if your sins are as big as mountains. Get back to the true & real God.That is the god of Moses, Jesus ,Abraham & Mohammad. The God ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

  14. ThatsaCrock Says:

    PEB , If you had a son or daughter and they went out and committed murder would you expect to be thrown in jail for his crime? Would it be right to blame you.?Your atheists brothers would.

  15. PEB Says:

    I’m not sure if you are implying that I blame god? I clearly don’t blame god as he doesn’t exist. The blame for religions “fucking up everything” belongs firmly to the power hungry, money grabbing, backward thinking religious leaders.

  16. Atheist MC Says:

    ThatsaCrock seems to be making a common erronious assumption about atheists. We are not angry with God, we do not hate God, we are not blaming God for anything. God does not exist!
    We are angry at, blaming and hating the apologists for the man made institution of religion, which exists solely to perpetuate the immoral and barbaric doctorines of superstitious tribes.

  17. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. I will concede that some religions have done some good for humanity but the death and destruction wreaked by most surely outweighs any good by far. ‘Fucked up’ neatly encapsulates the concept.

  18. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Great quote today.

    For the rogue’s gallery:
    1. There’s no god to be angry at.
    2. There’s no hell to be afraid of.
    3. There’s no heaven to look forward to.
    4. Religion DEMONSTRABLY fucks everything up.

    Notice the quote did not say “God fucks everything up”. We don’t believe there’s any such person. If you do, you’re perfectly capable of living a decent life to the degree you aren’t a fundamentalist. It’s the religion that turns you into a hate filled monster, not god per se. The more fundamental, the worse the moral values, from my perspective.

  19. ThatsaCrock Says:

    How would you encapsulate your concept? I would encapsulate it as being very ignorant. Just because you don’t want to believe in god, so he doesn’t exist. You guys keep saying that.Who are you trying to convince us or yourselves?

  20. JoNa Says:

    Why are you cussing Good persons don’t curse.You need a savior. I know one.I bet you do too.

  21. Atheist MC Says:

    How would you encapsulate your concept? I would encapsulate it as being very ignorant.

    To encapsulate. Most atheists take the view that as there is no empirical evidence for the existence of a creator God it is rational to work on the presumption that such god (s) don’t exist. They usually also say that any specific theistic God you care to mention, Allah, Zeus, Thor, Baal etc definitely doesn’t exist as all evidence is to the contrary and the theologies are mutually exclusive.
    This does not exclude the possibility that a deistic entity of some sort does exist and atheists will mostly allow for this. Although logically and philosophically it is hard to defend such an entity.
    Atheists take the view that religions are founded on a false premise and given that scriptures represent an archaic world view which science and modern ethics has superceded, should not form the basis of society.

  22. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Very well put, A-MC. That is my position as well. God is in the same category as unicorns – in the absence of proof, skepticism. Moreover, books by primitives DO NOT COUNT as proof. A miracle would count as at least partial proof but of all the supposed miracles there has never been one that was verified in a scientifically meaningful way. Believers love to say it takes ‘faith’ to believe in ‘god’ yet they constantly point to feelings, personal experiences, miracles as the reasons for their faith. To me, this says they actually DO desire proof but that they have a much lower standard for what constitutes proof. That’s proof only in the ‘Thor makes thunder’ sense – maybe superficially satisfying but ultimately unconvincing to a mature mind.

  23. solomon Says:

    God does’nt show up his face must not mean that he does not exist. What do you think god is? Your slave? To show up his face everytime & to every individuals that were born every minute as a proof that he exists?That will be the most ‘fucked up’ request.

  24. solomon Says:

    If theres no God then who creates the sun, the moon, millions of living species, countless things, the trees, plants,seas,mountains,the universe?You dare to say it exists on its own or the fucking nature or evolution creates it? No..no..youre not asking for proof theres God…Youre citing ways to disprooves God.

  25. Holysmokes Says:

    I’d have to partially disagree with this quote. Although religions collectively instill massive amounts of harm to the overall population, (the filthy religion of Islam being the most obvious example), there are countless tens of thousands of followers who do a great deal of good in the world. Do they perform these good deeds as a result of their faith? Hard to say, however I don’t think today’s quote gives them enough credit. Doing good deeds is always appreciated, regardless of the source. Are these kind acts a fair tradeoff for all the damage religions routinely create? No, I don’t think it’s remotely close, but we shouldn’t paint all aspects of religion with a single broad brush. I think most people within religions mean well, but are misguided.

    In the words of the late John Wayne, “Life is tough. It’s even tougher if your stupid.”

    Oh and Solomon, who says the universe MUST have been created? Why is that your only possible scenario? How do you know that all the matter in the universe hasn’t simply always been here, even prior to the big bang?

  26. JoNa Says:

    My parents said this is an X rated site and that I have to leave bye.

  27. Parent of JoNa Says:

    What are you guys teaching my son? homosexuality is OK , there is no God and the language.I guess i’ll have to put a password back on the computer.

  28. H t k a Says:

    Parent of jona,you will do wise to use a password.This site is no place for your to be looking for any type of answers.He will only get more confused.

  29. H t k a Says:

    Sorry it should read your son.

  30. John Says:

    DFTT… Sunday’s over with… quite preaching and go count your money. Oh, and the only saboteurs of religion; is religion and the queer men that run it.

    The quote just reinforces the notion that if you give someone the power and enough rope; well the rest is the proof in the pudding.

  31. PEB Says:

    JoNa and his parents. You were warned weeks ago about using this site. This site is not suitable for children and you are irresponsible for allowing your child to use the computer unsupervised.
    ..and yes, homosexuality is OK, there is no god and the language used is suitable for it’s intended audience.

  32. solomon Says:

    Holysmokes, The creator of the universe says the universe is created. what other possible phenomena or explanation can you think for something to exists if not through creation? Your donut has’nt simply allways been here.

  33. Holysmokes Says:

    A creator told you that he created the universe? Really, then what did he look like? When did he let you in on this piece of information? Did he also tell you who or what created him?

  34. solomon Says:

    Evolution if true should have taken place during the lifespan of a certain species. Once the sample is dead the so called evolution should have halted too. So within a short lifespan of any species its impossible for every complicated process involving structural & physical as well as chemical changes could have taken place. So there is no chain reaction or continuity. With this new doctrine also known as Solomon’s Doctrine I hereby declare that evolution is a HOAX!

  35. Edmond Says:

    Solomon, it’s clear you don’t understand evolution AT ALL, and probably most sciences in general. If religion is true, then animals should be able to TALK.

  36. solomon Says:

    Then try to refute my doctrines if you understands evolution well. Animals could talk, with their own language that you can’t understand. If animals can’t talk they would’nt have make any sound at all.

  37. The Heretic Says:


  38. Holysmokes Says:

    I see that you didn’t bother to answer my questions Solomon.

  39. Edmond Says:

    Your “doctrine” doesn’t make a lick of sense, and it refutes itself with its own nonsense. Animals can make SOUNDS (duh?) but they don’t TALK like Balaam’s donkey. He wasn’t even amazed that it could talk, he just wanted to kill it for its disobedience. What nonsense!

    I started looking over the Koran on a whim, and right from the beginning is that domination I was talking about. The very beginning is crammed with verse after verse about how vile and terrible a person is that dares not believe it, frightening people into believing lest they be ostracized or even killed. That’s called indoctrination, and it’s presented in a very threatening manner.

    This is my number one problem with religions. All manner of rapists and murderers may populate heaven, by virtue of having merely asked for forgiveness, even on their deathbed. But hell is reserved for the REAL criminals, those who commit the worst sin imaginable…. not being convinced.

    Isn’t it Yahweh/Allah’s job to convince ME? Whatever happened to burden of proof? I’M supposed to be punished because I didn’t swallow a story that has zero evidence to back up it’s fantastical claims? It’s MY fault that I don’t believe in something I can neither hear nor see nor smell nor taste nor touch? If there IS a god, I think that HE should be sent to hell for the crime of perpetuating such a hoax, suppressing his own evidence and then punishing anyone who dares to think for themselves.

  40. PEB Says:

    The bible is exactly the same. The first 3 commandments are threats not to look anywhere else for answers. Seems a strange choice for a loving god doesn’t it?

  41. Edmond Says:

    PEB- Seriously. A REAL god, confident in its own omniscience, would say “Go ahead! Ask any question! You will be astounded by my accurate and insightful answers!” Instead, religious adherents are DISCOURAGED from questioning. We don’t even HAVE a god PRESENT to ask questions of! We just have OTHER PEOPLE to “interpret” some gods answers, forcing us to trust them to speak accurately for their god. Maybe if they could all agree (or even just 2 of them) on the message, they’d have some credibility. But the crazy mish-mash of wildly different claims, which only show that each god agrees perfectly with each speaker, destroys my ability to take any one of them seriously. If a god can’t speak for itself in a way that we can ALL hear at once, then it’s just a weak imaginary construct that certainly doesn’t deserve worship.

  42. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Here ya’ go, you ignorant, arrogant fool. You won’t bother reading this any more than you would bother reading “The Greatest Show On Earth”. It will go down in infamy as another “lousy” something or another…

    Your stream of diatribe today was unmatched by any previous efforts. We even got a cameo appearance from an offended child and a bonus parent. What a laugh.



  43. Devout Atheist Says:

    Edmond: “Isn’t it Yahweh/Allah’s job to convince ME? I couldn’t agree more. I often think that if an omnipotent god existed, “Why would an “All Knowing”, “All powerful”, “Loving??” god, need to create humans to love and worship it. Seems very silly to me.

  44. solomon Says:


    You speak as if you owe this universe, this systems, to follow your ways that suits you. We have no problem follow gods rules, in fact we are very willingly abide by it. For the feel of thankful to God that have provide us with every sort of sustenance. Now who’s the Boss?Whose running the system? Suddenly this disdain boastful creature (Edmond & PEB) is trying to tell God what to do.

  45. Edmond Says:

    No, the UNIVERSE is “telling” god what to do. Why does god need DNA to create life? Why does god need gravity to keep things on the ground? Why does god need weather to maintain his plants? An all-powerful god shouldn’t need a single physical law to keep its world in order, it could just DO it, by MAGIC.

    I wonder if you believe in the possibility of alien life, Solomon, or if you think that humanity is all there is, the sole focus of god’s attention. If so, what is all this SPACE for? If he created the universe for JUST US, and he intends to destroy it all soon, what was the point of creating such a gigantic universe? Why not just one little bubble of reality for humans? The sky could be a simple firmament held up by columns, the world could be flat, we would never know the difference.

    Your god obeys the rules of nature, and that is not consistent with being a god. It should be the other way around, nature should bend to god’s will. But it doesn’t. The universe does not operate in supernatural ways. There are no unicorns, donkeys don’t speak, and earthquakes are not caused by scantily clad women.

  46. solomon Says:


    The response to your comments are published on the 18 May quote.

  47. Bruce Says: