20th May 2010

“Even in these dark days for the Bush presidency, there is one topic that can make American conservatives smile – religion in Europe. The White House might be going to hell (or at least to Hillary Clinton), but Europe faces a worse nightmare: a continued descent into Godlessness, and then a takeover by Islam.”

The Economist

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  1. Edmond Says:

    Not in the Age of the Internet, I don’t think so. Real knowledge and reason can disseminate faster now than ever before, and everyone can see the consequences of extremism, dogma, and indoctrination.

  2. solomon Says:

    “Europe faces a worse nightmare: a continued descent into Godlessness, and then a takeover by Islam.”

    The Economist prediction is true and soon will become a reality. Its actually not a nightmare but a blessing. God wanted truth to surface & deceit to perish. So the effort of the Atheists to sway people is useless. Soon the agents of deceit will perish too hope not by the worst “natural catastrophe”. I did’nt hate them. God hate them.

  3. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    “descent into Godlessness” = the new definition of Oxymoron. To say, “a worse nightmare: a takeover by Islam” is to make an understatement. Stephen King could not on his best day conjure up a nightmare that would in reality be worse than that. I think Edmond is correct in that sanity and reason will ultimately win out.


    Here is my contribution to “Draw Mo” day – that’s today, folks:


  4. dave Says:

    Islam is a festering hemorrhoid on the butthole of humanity.

  5. solomon Says:

    Bornagain A. Theist,

    The image looks more like a bat who have lost his wings.

  6. John Says:

    I just flushed mohammad down the crapper… holly s#*t…

    Off to hell I go.

    Getting rid of bush saved the world. Imagine what the world would have been like had the old guy and the 1/2 term gov’na had got in power.

  7. PEB Says:

    “continued descent into Godlessness” – Yes
    “then a takeover by Islam” – er no.

    More Muslims are migrating to the West as they realise the hell holes they currently live in don’t have modern facilities like good hospitals and decent schools. This migration is where the perceived ‘Islamification’ comes from.
    The current generation of Muslims may cling tight to their ancient beliefs but give it a few years and their grandchildren will be munching on bacon sandwiches like the rest of us.

    Why do people think another religion will pop-up where christianity has failed?

  8. solomon Says:

    You are saying that for the sake to make your heart at ease but reality it will not & never will. Gods on our side & will protect & show us from generations to generations. How come this true religion or belief have continue & surpass from the first man up till today. The non believers will soon be doomed & destroyed. Thats Gods promise, the Qoran will stay & Islam will also stay.

  9. solomon Says:

    Even to discover the secrets or absolute properties of a single matter is’nt enough for the whole human with all the time he needed. It needs the intervention of a deity. They have to be told of the truth of things thats impossible for them to aquire or grasp on their own.

    The unbelievers did not consider this possibility at all. They blantanly refute every possibilities due to their arrogant & boastful nature.

  10. Hypatia Says:


    due to their arrogant & boastful nature.

    That’s rich coming from you sol!

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  11. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    I subscribed to this site some months ago because I thought that it would provide a good forum for intelligent, philosophical discussion. Sorry guys, but the opinions in this thread have made me seriously reconsider my choice. It seems to have degenerated into a forum for anybody and everybody to promulgate their own narrowminded, sectarian, childish, religious dogma – islamic, christian, whatever. Are we still trapped in the mindset of the Vikings in the 9th century:- “When we pray to our Gods, we win battles, therefore our Gods are better than your gods, therefore our Gods are the only true Gods” In other words, “Our Gods understand us and answer our prayers, therefore they must be right, therefore all other Gods are false.” Sound familiar???

  12. tech Says:

    Peb do you really think that Christianity Has failed? People have failed because of human leadership. But Christianity works if followed right.

  13. solomon Says:

    This is not about a pot calling the kettle black but the case of the King of Pots labelling the kettles black.

  14. solomon Says:

    Grumpy Old Git,

    Your scholars with the silly evolution theory sounds familiar too.

  15. solomon Says:

    Edmond,(to yesterday’s response)

    I agree humans made the god Zeus or Ra or Rama. Theres no accepted reasoning behind its existence rather than just on claims. But do you check the existence of the true & real god? The reasoning that is given on its existence? Does’nt it a bit knock on your senses? They were’nt just claims. They were doctrines, reasoning, logic & proofs or signs. Why don’t you think of its possibility? Why treat it the same as the other fake gods?

  16. tech Says:

    My apologies to everyone on this site.

  17. Holysmokes Says:

    Because it is fake.

  18. tech Says:

    Sol , there is only one God.Many names. One God. Many prophets.Even more Reglious Leaders most of who preach falsely.One God one mediator Christ Jesus.1Tim. 2:5

  19. tech Says:

    A big THANKS Admid. and this site for accepting my apology.

  20. Atheist MC Says:

    Happy “Draw Mohammed Day”. Here’s mine

    As for the quote: Scandinavia has been pretty atheist for a while now and I don’t see Islam filling the void there. It may be true that Islam is growing in the west due to immigration. But those immigrants are coming because Islamic states are failing states. They will lose there religion too, the sooner the better.

  21. The Heretic Says:

    Actually, the reality of the quote is accurate. The demographics of Europe are changing, and fast. Demographically, a population stays static with a birthrate of 2.2 per family. Effectively replacing the population every generation – no growth, no loss. The birthrate ratios is some European countries are as low as 1.5 (Spain, Italy). Meanwhile, the Muslim immigrant population in Europe is swelling at a rate of between 5 and 7. This is actually happening all over the world, but in places where populations are declining, this is quite disturbing. Muslim numbers will overwhelm Europe in a generation, maybe two, but I don’t think it will take that long. As their numbers grow, they are becoming more politically active and will be the in the ruling classes in short order. Europe is turning into Eurasia.

  22. solomon Says:

    If youre realy the real tech then read the following but if youre tech’s imposter no need to bother. Tech, we have to go seperate ways at this point since you have raise this issues but this does not mean we might not ended having the same faith later. If youre realy sincere you will find the true path. We both agree that there will always be one god right? Would’nt you think god should be something very special, something thats out of this world, something incomparable. A deity that would’nt do the norms of his creations, that is by having a son or that sort. And of all the countless images he created why would he wants his image to be as a human. Would all these similarites puts gods standards to shame? You are only being swayed by the Christians scholars tech. The bible is the product of manipulation from the true book Torah, Injil & Zabur. A lot of the contents have been twisted due to jeolousy & hatred. Thats why Qoran was sent down to counter those manipulations. The bible has a lot of contradictions & even conflicting to the minds too. Get back to the real god tech. We could be allies facing the Atheists. Come back to Allah Almighty.

  23. ladysymphony Says:

    solomon….before my life on the web i would have considered your prediction to be probable….but now im convinced its impossible….you forget the young in islam…they will, much as their parents will rant and rave, reject islam and all other faiths eventually….they cannot and many do not,fail to see the fearmongering and bigotry(gay rights, womens rights, freedom of speech) in religions such as, and particularly islam. the young apostates with whom i have discussed these issues(a secret and concerned multitude – the punishment for apostasy is ,let us not forget, death at worst and rejection from family at best)are very optimistic about their growing numbers….many of them thank education in the west for their change in beliefs….the idea of the natives of the west ever converting en masse, is hilarious..

  24. solomon Says:

    ladysymphony, you are viewing the development of the current scenario on a lame & narrow scale. Who knows & who could do a better job than god. You can’t predict how god works. If he could move massive planetary bodies so to make his influence flourish should be a chicken feed job. Its gods promise there will come a time when people will submit to god in masses. Truth will finally prevail & deceit will perish and nobody can stop that. And that time is just around the corner.

  25. Atheist MC Says:

    Solomon. Allow me to introduce you to the logical fallacy known as Begging the question

  26. Holysmokes Says:

    Europe is going to be quite an experiment for this quote over the next few decades. Yes, muslims are flocking there by the thousands, making babies and will eventually outnumber everyone else. Yes, young muslims will revolt to some extent, but will they do so in significant numbers? It’s a hard question to answer, especially when you consider the punishment for turning away from their religion, DEATH.

    I suspect a hybrid solution will evolve by the end of the century. Europe will be become muslim, but not as extreme. Canada & the USA will remain christian, primarily because of the huge influx of Mexicans, who are mostly christian. Then WWIII will result in the destruction of the planet when the two sides find something trivial to fight about. Self fulfilling prophecies.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Religions are the root of all evil.”

  27. solomon Says:

    Atheists mc, what does your article got to do with this site? Don’t cramp your head with junk ‘philosophy’.

  28. solomon Says:

    Holysmokes, no need for worry.When the muslims roams the earth there will be peace,order,jurtice to all. God will grant wealth to many until there will be a time that nobody wants to accep charity or donations. Those will be the glorious days of the muslim era.

  29. John Says:

    Par for the continued course. If you can’t answer an honest question having to do with why preacher solomon and preacher tech believe the way they do; they respond with the same rope learned closed minded no substance BS. No wander they are religulous.

    Even as emigrants enter other countries, they loss some of their old country ways and a simulate into the new country. And, with the Internet and the speed of the times today, many welcome the shedding of the darker of their country origins.

  30. Atheist MC Says:

    Atheists mc, what does your article got to do with this site? Don’t cramp your head with junk ‘philosophy’.

    You are not only stupid, you are wilfully so.
    Every post you make is an example of Circular Reasoning and “Begs the Question”. It is not philosophy, which you wouldn’t understand anyway, it is logic 101 that any schoolkid should know.

  31. tech Says:

    Solomon thanks for your concern but I’m afraid we have always been of different faiths.My savior is Jesus Christ he is the son of God.If you want to call God him anything other than that. Its up to you.

  32. PEB Says:

    Top 10 Muslim countries, by population
    1. Indonesia: 202,867,000 (country is 88.2 percent Muslim)
    2. Pakistan: 174,082,000 (country is 96.3 percent Muslim)
    3. India: 160,945,000 (country is 13.4 percent Muslim)
    4. Bangladesh: 145,312,000 (country is 89.6 percent Muslim)\
    5. Egypt: 78,513,000 (country is 94.6 percent Muslim)
    6. Nigeria: 78,056,000 (country is 50.4 percent Muslim)
    7. Iran: 73,777,000 (country is 99.4 percent Muslim)
    8. Turkey: 73,619,000 (country is about 98 percent Muslim)
    9. Algeria: 34,199,000 (country is 98 percent Muslim)
    10. Morocco: 31,993,000 (country is about 99 percent Muslim)

    Anyone else seeing a pattern here? Islam isn’t part of the modern world and never will be.

  33. solomon Says:

    were glad not to be part of the so called modern(in fact their inhabitants posses dark ages minds) world that is soon going to collapse on its own.

  34. solomon Says:

    Atheists mc, who the hell cares about your lousy ‘begs the question’ or ‘logic 101’. You don’t have to live with it or won’t die without it.

  35. Atheist MC Says:

    who cares about your lousy religion?
    Oh yeah! we do because you and people like you expect us to live with it. I for one will happily die without it.

  36. Hypatia Says:

    Top 10 Muslim countries, by population

    All living in poverty and oppression. Can’t help thinking their religion has got a lot to do with it. I’d choose Sweden over any of these every time.

    Why is it that Muslims are so damn poor sol, if Allah is so powerful?

  37. Hypatia Says:

    you forget the young in islam…they will, much as their parents will rant and rave, reject islam

    Like the Muslim girl in my office. T-Shirt and tight jeans when her brothers and father aren’t around to threaten her.

  38. Hypatia Says:

    Why is it that Muslims are so damn poor sol, if Allah is so powerful?

    Let me answer my own question. It’s because their heads are full of backwards shit.

    Learning a crappy book like the Koran off-by-heart doesn’t count as an education.

  39. solomon Says:

    Hypatia, you have been day dreaming and a great Liar. Look at Dubai & the rich muslim oil producing countries. They step on money. And ì have seen too in the US men search into the dustbin for something to eat. If a muslim is poor,he is destined to be poor and god must have his reasons.God granted wealth to whoever he wishes and stops them to whoever he chooses.

  40. Atheros Says:

    I really hate religion. I really do. In every single form. I wish that when they die that these theists will realize that they have wasted their lives bowing down to some god or other… But alas they wont.. As they are dead – No heaven no hell no nothing… Gone…

    They will just die like the rest of us and know nothing. Absolutely nothing…

    As for Europe and islam (islam does not deserve a capital letter) – I blame Hitler! His treatment of the Jews was so terrible that political correctness was born. Now we bow and scrape so as not to offend others and their religions…

    Humankind is so close to achieving great things and yet we are held back by a couple of cults from the shit hole that is the desert…. I’m rambling… Sorry guys…

  41. solomon Says:

    And another thing the unbelievers did’nt care if the wealth he obtains is within the Halal scope or not. They got it from all sorts of ways, gambling, bank interests, cheating and all sorts. But those kind of wealth does not make them prosper. And also god speeded up or granted their wishes on earth coz they do not hope for anything in the afterlife.

  42. solomon Says:

    “T-Shirt and tight jeans when her brothers and father aren’t around to threaten her.”
    That was an unsignificant isolated case.

  43. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC,

    You must have been a fool or more accurately condemn. You chooses Hell while others chose the wonderful Heavens.

  44. heitheist Says:

    I think it’s more a failure of the (failed) crusade of us Christians. Or the fact that many Christians where persecuted in the time of the Muslim conquests.
    There were always places were Christians and Muslims stayed together in peace, but it wasn’t in this case. I also know reports of persecuted Christians and of course civil rights movement activists, reporters… which begged for democracy or freedom of religion. But no way, now they are in prison.
    Muslims always want rights in Europe but do not support the Christian persecuted in their home countries.
    The only thing an atheist should ask a religion for is the human rights. or if he is really serious, the social value of the religion.
    And the only thing I ask Atheists for is to try to understand what I get from the believe in god, and that they tolerate that I can’t participate in some dubious activities.
    And the thing I ask so called Christians for is that they should not stick to senseless traditions, and that while for us our religion is the only valid one, we are never allowed to force somebody to believe in god the way we see it. We should be role models for the Muslims and not their persecutor. We are merely aloowed to use self-defence.

  45. heitheist Says:

    “Humankind is so close to achieving great things and yet we are held back by a couple of cults from the shit hole that is the desert…. I’m rambling… Sorry guys…”
    Yeah, the world wide depression was caused by Muslims? LOL
    It was caused by egoistic capitalism and some sort of American Prosperity Gospel. 🙂
    It is always easier for me to see mistakes of Atheist’s than to see those of Christian’s.
    “Now we bow and scrape so as not to offend others and their religions…” In my country there are neo-nazis and Xenophobic, if we’d legalize them we’d get rid of nearly every unwanted stranger in no time. 🙂

  46. solomon Says:


    Do you know why you hate religion? The SATAN has got control over you & you have become his slave. And you hated truth. To whom youre asking for a wish? To your evolution God or to nature? Now your default mind automatically need something that could grant its wishes.

    “They will just die like the rest of us and know nothing. Absolutely nothing…”
    If you say so then why did you say “these theists will realize that they have wasted their lives bowing down to some god or other…”
    This means that your mind automatically feels that they will rise from their death and realize what they have gone thru.
    “I’m rambling… Sorry guys…”
    Do you know that you are rambling misguidedly.
    Humankind have achieve a lot of great things and its you that have not realised. You always think these achievements are propagated by unbelievers. If you read history you will find many branches of knowledge were originated from believers who have fine critical minds. God poured his knowledge thru his subjects.

  47. solomon Says:

    Bravo..heitheist Bravo…….

  48. heitheist Says:

    You/We all hopefully know that only 0.1% of the reader of this blog will change their mind because of your/our writings.
    Therefore it makes even less sense to swear about religion.
    I am still amused by the fact that just few people like Atheist MC and Peb heretic stay calm and deliberated vs. the many haters in here.
    Nobody can bring me to a toleration of atheistic perverted if they say:
    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Religions are the root of all evil.””
    “Islam is a festering hemorrhoid on the butthole of humanity.”
    Nobody criticised them, and if it won’t happen soon I will leave my short journey into this blog and will bugger of bewildered by such childish emotional arguments that aren’t scientifically as a scientist would say.