25th May 2010

“Medical professionals who have a problem dispensing contraception should not choose professions where they will be asked for contraception. There is plenty demand for medical professionals in fields in which practitioners will never come in contact with people seeking contraception.”

Scott Swenson

15 Responses to “25th May 2010”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    That’s a pretty good point. What breaks my heart is that some religious nut jobs likely seek out life situations whereby they can spew forth their ignorance.

    Lesson of the day: http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/inj/long.html

    BAT (out of hell) – still patiently waiting for (but never actually expecting) a rational response or comment from a believer concerning any religious or spiritual topic.

  2. Atheist MC Says:

    Yes! Same goes for counsellors who don’t want to support homosexuals or JP’s and registrars who won’t officiate at same sex unions. If their warped religious mentality won’t allow them to perform their duty they should be in another job.

  3. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    I totally agree. What is the difference between someone being unable to perform all the functions required by a particular job description due to a physical disability, and another being unable to perform all the functions of another job by virtue of a mental impairment (ie religious belief). Don’t do the bloody job and don’t even pretend that you can.

  4. PEB Says:

    Completely agree. The same goes for hoteliers or people who run B&B’s. If you open a B&B then don’t always expect your paying customers to be white, straight and christian.
    Medical professionals who don’t do their job on the basis of their nonsense beliefs should be sacked or struck off the medical register.

  5. Edmond Says:

    No different with the recent stories of Muslim cab drivers who refuse to take passengers who are carrying liquor, or even traveling with a service dog. If your religious beliefs prevent you from doing your job, and all aspects that it entails, then you’re in the wrong job. You can have your religious convictions, but you can’t force your customers to have them.

  6. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    As far as medical practitioners go, couldn’t the problem be solved rather quickly by barring doctors from participation in state funded reimbursement programs like Medicare, Medicaide and Medical if they refuse to offer services for which there is broad medical consensus? That way, doctors can make a pocket book decision as to how badly they want to try and impose their own private morality on their patients.

  7. Holysmokes Says:

    Its a good thought Captain, however most doctors dislike those government programs to begin with. In fact many refuse Medicare patients outright. It will be interesting to see how well they like this “Universal Healthcare” though. I for think that anytime the government gets its ugly hands on something as large as healthcare, its gonna be a disaster. Time will tell.

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    Government has had their hands on healthcare in the UK for a long time. It works! It’s not perfect but it works.

  9. solomon Says:


    The taxi driver did’nt force the customer to aboard his taxi. Its just an agreement between two parties. Liquor is like ‘shit’ anyway. Who would like to bring shit into their taxi. Fair. Case closed.

  10. Edmond Says:

    No, Solomon, liquor isn’t “like shit”, some of it is quite delicious. Just because you make that claim doesn’t make it true, and it doesn’t make it “fair” to equate it to bringing actual shit into a taxi. A person’s property is just that: their property. The driver has no right to ban it just because it violates his religious principles. Only if the passenger is bringing something dangerous aboard. Suppose I have liquor in my backpack? Does the driver get to search my backpack in case it has something in it that he might find offensive? And what about the service dog issue? I’ve heard of this, where Muslims find dogs “unclean” and therefore refuse to carry the animal, even going so far as to refuse a BLIND person a ride. This is downright silly. A dog is only “unclean” if you haven’t given it a bath in a while. If you wash him, then he’s clean. What about cats? Can cats get in the car? Muslims, and all religious people, are free to impose their silly rules on THEMSELVES, but not everybody else. @hen you agree to work in a service field, you MUST provide equal service to EVERYONE.

  11. solomon Says:


    Even if you have “shit” in you backpack, if it goes unnoticed then the driver will not carry the responsibility of refusing you.Unclean have to be differentiate with not clean or dirty. A dirty lamb can be boarded into the taxi because its not grouped as unclean animals. Unclean animals are dogs and pigs. If it touches a muslim or his belongings one must clean it one time with earth mix in water and rinse it six times. Who wants his himself or his taxi to be traeted as such.Theres not much of an issue. The blinds with dogs can board other non muslim taxis.

  12. Edmond Says:

    Can they board other taxis if they CALLED for a taxi, and stood there waiting for one at a remote location, perhaps in the rain, and when the arranged taxi arrives and it’s a Muslim driver who refuses to bring the dog aboard? Are you saying they must call for ANOTHER taxi and wait again? It boggles the mind that such rules even EXIST, not only about what animals are clean and which are unclean, but the rules about how to clean what they touch. What if you only rinse 5 times? Still not clean? What if you rinse 7 times? Is that too many, and now you’ve ruined it? Silly rules that restrict your life and lead you to restrict others. Why would a god even CREATE “unclean” animals? Where’s the sense in that? What makes them unclean? Such dogma is completely useless in a sensible, modern world.

  13. solomon Says:


    Whats the big trouble of gettin’ other taxis if one have to. Its just not their luck to bump into a Muslim driver. Try to exercise a bit of patience, that all. But no Muslims will go beyond humanitarian grounds as to ignore passengers who are really in trouble or in emergencies. Muslim has the most rational teachings and practices.

  14. solomon Says:

    “Why would a god even CREATE “unclean” animals? ”


    You might as well ask…

    Why would a god even CREATE “SHIT”?

  15. Edmond Says:

    I WOULD ask that! It’s a GREAT question! Why would he? Why create farts? Dandruff? Body odor? Ear wax? Toe jam? Diabetes? Leukemia? Autism? Alzheimer’s? Myopia? Left-handedness? Schizophrenia? Encephalitis? Cold sores? Eczema? Polio? Athlete’s foot? Cataracts?

    The list can go on and on. I imagine you believe that all those things were created for good reasons, but I would also imagine that you don’t know what those reasons are, just that they’re “mysterious”.

    But really, WHY create some animals that are “clean” and some that are “unclean” and meant to be avoided? What purpose does that serve? What physical harm is there in coming into contact with a dog or a pig? I’ve done it MANY times, and I’m fine. I give my grandma’s dog a milk bone every day. These rules are pointless, and serve to illustrate the shaky mythology upon which religion is built.

    I would ask why a god would create shit, just as I would ask why it would create “unclean” animals. But I could ask and ask, and there is no answer.