28th May 2010

“I'm not inclined to settle on that my dad's truth is the right truth, because it's a pretty scary truth if it is. But it's just as difficult for me to settle on mainstream Christianity as the truth, because the essence of the message is still there: That these miraculous things happened; that this man who supposedly lived 2,000 years ago did this for us; and this is the basis of where we will spend eternity. Those are tough concepts to look at and say, 'Yeah, that makes perfectly good sense.'”

Nate Phelps

28 Responses to “28th May 2010”

  1. Joanne Says:

    One of the things I find interesting is even the people who lived where/when jesus supposedly lived didn’t all believe he was god, therefore, how are we supposed to believe 2,000 years later???

  2. Holysmokes Says:

    The christian god is but one of over 100,000 others created by man. They all share the same fact, zero evidence.

  3. solomon Says:

    The christian god or other gods have the similarity or common concept that is, in idolize form.This includes the ‘gods’ of the Atheists, the unrealizing need of a solid form of existence as evidence. But the true and only God, Allah is the only one different from the rest. Can’t one spot the uniqueness?

  4. solomon Says:


    Let me clarify. Faith is not relative to time. Faith is relative to guidance. It depends on how much guidance one receives from God.

  5. solomon Says:

    Joanne, one does not have to mention fake gods like Jesus but even true God Allah, people finds it hard to believe. This is because they did’nt have guidance. Actually Jesus did’nt claim he’s god. Its just the Christian scholars who manipulate into saying that he is.Jesus is just Allah’s messenger.

  6. PEB Says:

    Yeah – perfectly good sense! Events that didn’t happen 2000 years ago are shaping and ruining the lives of people today. Who in their right mind can believe this garbage?! How do they distinguish fact from fiction in their everyday lives?
    Santa – Fiction
    Tooth fairy – Fiction
    Man in cloud called god who made you – Fact – HOW THE HELL DO YOU JUMP TO THAT CONCLUSION – because a book says so?! – because your parents say so?! – because lots of other people believe it?! – GET A GRIP AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!!


  7. tech Says:

    May god have mercy on us all.

  8. tech Says:

    He must be totally amazed at the atheists on this site ,so knowledgeable.

  9. tech Says:

    Solomon as for you, you make no sense at all.It seems the only time you open your mouth is to change feet.

  10. solomon Says:


    You don’t get me. I’ve invited you to be allies but you take me as a foe. I’am not at all in line with any Atheists or falsehood(taking other than Allah as god)

  11. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    I thought this thread was supposed to be a discussion on Nate’s original post rather than the usual rant from the usual contributors. I wonder if Nate is looking for a ‘truth’ that is not ‘scary’, or a ‘truth’ that ‘makes perfect sense’. As an atheist, I have a belief system (or non belief system if that term is easier for Sol to understand) which makes perfect sense to me. I don’t know if it is ‘a truth’ but it is certainly not scary, does not come from a book, does not involve the attempt to justify the impossible, does not involve a ‘God’ imbued with human emotions etc. etc. etc.
    If Nate is looking for a belief system or a worldview that makes sense, does it matter if it is ‘the truth’? As long as that worldview does no harm to anything or anyone else in the universe, it would seem to me to be a perfectly valid view to hold. Compare this worldview with those put forward by the religionists.
    Would love Nate to come back and expand on his/her views.

  12. PEB Says:

    Grumpy git – Nate Phelps didn’t post here (although it would be great if he did).

    He is the son of Pastor Fred Phelps and knows more about the misery of religious fundamentalism than all of us combined. He inherited his fathers lies and has since rejected them.
    Do you want a debate on how children are born into religion? or perhaps the disgusting terms you sometimes hear like “christian child” or “muslim child” – they have been automatically labelled with their parents religion for what reason??

    Please see http://natephelps.com/10801.html for a very moving story.

  13. BoB Says:

    solomon continues to disappoint…

  14. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    The word ‘truth’ has always been conflated with some sort of metaphysical sense and thus has so many meanings to so many people that it is meaningless. You can’t know what one means when they bandy this term around. What does Phelps mean by ‘right truth’? I would hope he means demonstrable fact.

    The mistake I think religious people make is to expect truth (whatever that is) from the writings of iron age primitives. In what area of their lives would they accept such a monstrous proposition on such uncompelling evidence? We humans seem to be perfectly capable of believing without evidence.

  15. solomon Says:

    Atheists always ranting evidence and sky daddy. Without the sky daddy how you managed to exists?

  16. Atheist MC Says:

    The quote makes the general point (from his specific experience) that relying on received wisdom is a poor way to get at any concept of truth. The longevity of an idea is not necessarily a pointer to its veracity.
    This is why science (cue Sol) is a route to truth, if not an absolute one (whatever that is) because it takes account of new data and insight.
    Scripture is particularly bad at adapting to new wisdom, because except for (sometimes tortuous) re-interpretation there is no way to correct it. The Qu’ran sometimes looks more rational than the O.T because was cooked up several centuries later. But unless your world view is stuck in the 15th century, you have to be as gullible as Sol to think it relevant today.

  17. solomon Says:

    Atheists MC,

    Ok lets forget about everything for a while, of scriptures or anything. Then how come youve been into existence. Have you had a thought about that.

  18. Atheist MC Says:

    Humans have been thinking about the question of existence ever since we evolved enough brain cells to rub together.
    Because we occupy a particular scale niche in the universe, we see the world in a non relativistic way. Matter has substance, we are limited to three dimensions, planets are big things. In reality (as we now know) matter is mostly nothing, there are at least 4 dimensions that need to be considered for the universe to make sense (maybe several more) and planets are ridiculously small in relation to the size of the universe. Our existence is brief and in any cosmic sense relatively meaningless (don’t run away with a nihilist agenda here, lives still count in the here and now).
    Insofar as we can interpret the bubble of reality that is our universe, it all started 14 ish Billion years ago with a quantum probability event popularly called the Big Bang. What happened “before” that is an interesting but possibly meaningless question. Because we exist in Spacetime (but only really perceive space and time as separate quantities) there is no “before” our universe (some scientists may disagree with this, and when the experimental evidence is provided I will change my mind).
    Just because we cannot probe the “before” or first cause is not a reason to postulate an intelligent creator. In fact, logically an intelligent creator is the last solution we should consider as the existence of such a creator is harder to explain than the existence of the universe it is meant to have created. Occams razor!
    So Sol, I don’t know is the answer, nobody does. to date there is no consistent, experimentally falsifiable theory that can expain the mystery and dilemma of existence. What we can be sure of though is that your particular fairy is is ALMOST certainly not the answer.

  19. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Good post, A-MC! “I don’t know but I’ll try and find out” has driven all of our advancements. “I know wthout a logical reason for saying so” has worked ceaselessly to retard our growth.

  20. solomon Says:

    Your answere is just to run away from the true answere, the simplest concept,creation & intelligent creator, following every Satans guidance who offer no true promises but lies Inventing unnecessary useless baseless concept which you yourself is not confident of.

  21. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    OOOO, Satan! Run, everyone, run!!!

  22. solomon Says:

    Come Captn Cum…Don’t you recognise me….I’am SATANNN…..I’am your lifetime friend….Did’nt we make a pack…..COme….

  23. Atheist MC Says:

    So really Sol, is that your answer? Are you so afraid of mystery and so far removed from your humanity that you accept the first bit of nonsense thrown your way. Because make no mistake, it is nonsense and it is your nonsense because you father gave it to you in your infancy. This is the point of this quote, and it is more profound for that.

  24. Hypatia Says:

    Hey sol,

    lets forget about everything for a while, of scriptures or anything. Then how come Allah came into existence? Have you had a thought about that?

  25. solomon Says:

    Allah’s existence can’t be debated or thought of. Its sufficient to know that he exists. Its beyond your imagination. His existence is thru reasoning of what he has revealed. This is the area which the Atheists purposely refuse to accept.

  26. John Says:

    “allah’s existence can’t be debated or thought of.”… and such bullshit fairy tails that are the same as santa and the easter bunny; just stories made of by some man.

  27. solomon Says:

    John, did’nt I just clarify that Allah’s existence is far different from the rest, you lousy listener.

  28. John Says:

    What kind of crop are you smoking or snorting? I guess in the land of make believe all things are possible.