11th June 2010

“It is possible that the increasing tolerance for religious diversity may have heightened awareness of religion itself as a basis for solidarity in American life and sharpened the boundary between believers and non-believers in our collective imagination.”

Penny Edgell

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  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Whenever there is about to be a massive change in society, the phenomena described by Ms Edgell takes place. Watch the following illustration:

    It is possible that the increasing tolerance for black persons rights may have heightened awareness of black people itself as a basis for solidarity in American life and sharpened the boundary between those who are pro human rights and those who are not in our collective imagination.

    Sub in your favorite cause. Penny is using what in reality is a cookie cutter piece of information, IMO.

    It will likely not be in my lifetime, but clearly, religion will eventually be replaced by logic and reason. Then, humanity can move forward and reach for the stars from whence we have come.


  2. holysmokes Says:

    I’d like to see the day when; the collective minds of the world’s professional clergy and the best professional minds of science stand face to face across a table. Each baring witness to the other placing all their cards on said table. Meanwhile all the world watches and witnesses the outcome. One uses logic, facts, evidence and reason, while the other uses …..well, what? I guess someone else needs to fill in the end of that sentence because I’ve got nothing, nil, nottah, zip, zero …oh wait, “faith.” Yeah, that should do it.

  3. solomon Says:

    Atheists=humanity moving backwards
    But they don’t realise……

  4. Atheist MC Says:

    Wow! Sol is bilingual. Who’d have thought it 🙂

  5. Hypatia Says:

    Sol, the vast majority of the world’s religious people like in squalor and poverty in violent and disease ridden societies.

    In contrast, the large majority of the world’s atheists live in comfortable affluence in peaceful societies.

    You therefore have a strange understanding of the word “backwards”.

  6. solomon Says:


    You seem to relate humanity moving forward with materialism, while their soul are corrupt and backward.
    Some points to ponder.
    SOLID to LIQUID to GAS to FINER MATTER(supernatural), they all exists.
    Of course Supernatural can’t be measured.
    Coz’ nobody have invented the tools to measure it.

  7. Margaret Says:

    Today’s quote is too optimistic. I am not so sure there is increasing tolerance for religious diversity. I also think the “heightened awareness of religion” and the “sharpened boundary between believers and non-believers” that Penny Edgell alludes to could instead be a basis of more bigotry and strife.

    This quote could only be true if no fervent, fundamentalist, rabidly extremist religionists existed, if all religious people were lukewarm to the dogma, giving only lip-service to it, living 6 days per week as if religion was completely irrelevant (as it is), and going to church on the 7th day as a social event to meet up with their buddies. In that context, members of a particular church would know other relgions exist, but that would have as much significance as one person going to the VFW to socialize, another going to the Elks club. So what? Nobody is going to hunt each other down and fight over it. But the rabidly religious, think Westboro Baptist Church as an illustration, are not interested in “tolerance for religious diversity” and “solidarity” with non-believers.

  8. solomon Says:


    A boring discussion. Lets debate on real stuffs.

  9. holysmokes Says:

    Ok sol, show mw your god. I bet mine can beat up yours.

  10. holysmokes Says:

    Because mine eats lots of healthy donuts!

  11. solomon Says:

    Sorry holysmokes, I don’t have the authority to make God show up.

  12. Margaret Says:

    Real stuffs? In religion, the realm of imagination and delusions. Not likely.

  13. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    As America’s schools get worse, the “dumbing down” of our population is being documented. The increase in the number of adherents to the Extreme Fundamentalist religions is increasing, way up from 1990. The Pentecostls have added 38%, the Churches of Christ 47%, the Assemblies of God 68%.

  14. John Says:

    The next World War will all be about religion and which sick MF preacher will be the next Hitler. After it is over, the survivors will shake off the dust and say that: “that didn’t work either”!! Then hopefully the new societies will have the balls to finally remove the blight of religion through’ education and enlightenment. When examined objectively, that is “if” the Human race survives! Will we ever learn?

  15. Hypatia Says:


    Of course Supernatural can’t be measured.

    Because it only exists in your fetid, ignorant imagination.

    Can you prove otherwise? Of course not. You only have your crappy book.


  16. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Late into the discussion as usual due to time zone and other commitments – sorry, but some good points made, particularly by John and Margaret. I’ve stopped reading Solomon as he’s obviously on the wrong site. Can anyone out there help me think through this one? – why is it that theists of a particular sect think they can ‘convert’ everyone else to their way of thinking through their version of reason and yet they themselves are not open to logical reason of any sort?

  17. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    GOG: I can help you through that. It won’t be pretty because it’s total theistic bullshit.

    I am former Church of Christ so I know very well of what you ask. You see, everyone who is a theist and belongs to a particular sect has an opinion, but the Church of Christ has the facts. It’s totally bible based, the interpretation is correct and the execution is flawless.

    Now envision all the other sects “knowing” like the Church of Christ knows and it’s rather simple.

    Anyone who introduces ANY material which differs from the doctrine is from satan and will lead you to hell. No shit!

    Anyway, when you posses “the truth” and you KNOW it’s “the truth”, why on earth would anyone NOT want to embrace it. If you calmly explain to them that the science, the logic and the reason are all tricks of a crafty devil to lure you away from “the truth”, they are faced with either accepting the perfect god (hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized) or they will face eternal torment set aside for those who reject the offering of christ’s death. burial and resurrection.

    I told you it would be foul, but there it is. Sad beyond description. That’s why I loosely describe myself as a Born Again Atheist. I have been set free…


  18. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    BAT. You must have gone to a different logic class than I did, but thanks anyway.

  19. solomon Says:

    Everything I have brought forth is true and can’t be challenge and is different from what they mock it or how they want it to look like. They are just running away from truth.

  20. solomon Says:

    GOG ( & MAGOG),

    Tell me what are we not open to logical reason of any sort?