20th June 2010

“Beliefs need social support like fish need water. With teens, we see what amounts to an ongoing inter-generational shift – from tentativeness to agnosticism, and from agnosticism to atheism. The message all along has been that there has been a decline in [church] attendance but people still believe something. The new part of this story is that an increasing number of people not only don't want anything to do with organized religion but they also are losing their belief.”

Reginald Bibby

4 Responses to “20th June 2010”

  1. John Says:

    Societal Evolution! Knowledge is power and the internet is where the young of the world are getting their education and facts now. When I was a kid you read what you where told and access was limited to what “they” had for you to read. “They” can not watch the young every second of every day now or control their every thought anymore. Even when “they” attempt to block access; the young will find a way to – find out as; the force is strong within them. Ain’t that great!!

  2. exsongbird Says:

    with the internet young people have the entire world at their fingertips. they are introduced to different cultures, and beliefs. they can see that the beliefs they were taught as a child are not the only ones in the world, and other people have beliefs they feel just as strongly as the ones they were taught. everything from the fundamentalist christian believers, to atheism is before their eyes, and they can choose for themselves what they want to believe. they are also smart enough to see the idiocy of religion, and the bible, as fairy tales, and can see that science has proven the bible to be nothing but a book of ancient myths, and legends. this is one of the main reasons the youth of today are turning away from the church.

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    The internet is not a panacea though. You can find as much pseudoscience as real science and plenty of fundie sites to feed the confirmation bias of already indoctrinated youth.
    Critical thinking is a skill in itself and is rarely taught by institutions. If you gain the skill in your youth you are very lucky, it usually emerges with experience, but not inevitably.

  4. solomon Says:

    Oh yeah….and they absorb all kinds of junk infos without guidance…