21st June 2010

“The American right has succeeded in making 'family' a dirty word, synonymous with bigotry and intolerance.”


13 Responses to “21st June 2010”

  1. John Says:

    Is that anything like “family val-you’s”?

  2. holysmokes Says:

    I’d have to disagree. The “religious” aspect of the right is a very small part of the overall picture. I see nothing wrong with taking a very active interest in family matters and creating high morals and responsibility in our young. It’s unfortunate that many feel that it takes church, a god and faith to complete this picture, but if you eliminate these things, the rest of the politically right mindset makes sense …for the most part.

  3. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    Isn’t that pointing at The Family, the religious organization renting the infamous “House on C Street” in Washington, DC? Senators John Ensign, Tom Coburn, and Mark Sanford, all implicated in dalliances with mistresses, have lived there. It used to be a convent, and still appears to have a tax-exempt designation. In Colorado Springs,CO there’s also a major Right Wing religious movement called The Family which insinuates itself into politics.
    Morals and ethics, which are engineering tools of civilization, are best taught as part of employing thought processes in the early years of school. Viewing our divorce rates, child abuse rate, consumption of alcohol and drugs, I’d agree that the concept of “Family” today is something left to light TV sitcom fare. We who treasure relationships don’t trumpet it.

  4. The Heretic Says:

    I agree with Holysmokes. The religious part of the right is a small part of the overall picture and vastly overemphasized by the left.

    Family, social values, honor, pride and ethics/morals are at an all time low in this country (US) thanks to the relativistic nature of the liberals and their beloved media. Everything is live for the moment, do what feels good to you at the time and to hell with everything else. You are not supposed to judge other people and be tolerant of all. What absolute crap! We need more judgement these days not less. We atheists judge other people all of the time on their superstitions, but we cannot judge someone else who desperately needs it?

    Family is not a dirty word. It should be embraced. How about we encourage people to be married before they have kids? Instead of just living off the system like the lazy piles of crap that they are – more illigitimate kids equals a bigger paycheck from the gov’t.

    The most intolerant people I have ever met have been liberals. Oh, they are tolerant – if you agree with them. If not, you are evil. They are some of the most racist (oh – they say that they are fighting it – but they are the ones who wallow in it and judge by it) and opinionated (usually with few facts) people I have ever met. Quite truthfully, most liberals make me sick to my stomach. I might not like the religious leaning of the right, but I will take them over the left any day of the week.

  5. Edmond Says:

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with the word “family”. Families are wonderful things that should be encouraged, whether the common traditional nuclear family, or some of the more recent less conventional families.

    But the religious right has hijacked the word and tacked it onto the titles of too many hateful organizations, like “The Family” that Rozmarija Grauds mentioned above, as well as groups like “Focus on the Family” or the “American Family Association”. These groups think that by using the word “family” they can disguise their true hateful agendas of fighting against any families that they don’t approve of, any that don’t match their ideal.

    There’s a broader definition of “family” than just the one that those groups think their god sanctions. Any two or more people forming any kind of bond of love should be recognized as a family, and as long as it is based in love, no other decent human being should be standing in the way of that recognition.

  6. holysmokes Says:


    Very well put. It seems we are of a similar mind. People always ask how I can be a conservative and an atheist. Seems simple enough to me. In fact, it seems preferable.

  7. The Heretic Says:

    Someone like-minded. I am similarly flabbergasted. I like to think it is the best of both worlds.

  8. holysmokes Says:

    ….and you would be correct!

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    Family, social values, honor, pride and ethics/morals are at an all time low in this country (US) thanks to the relativistic nature of the liberals and their beloved media.

    At the risk of proving your point about liberals (and to an extent I agree we can be a bit “holier than thou” sometimes) can you elaborate on what you think is lacking (or liberal) in honour pride ethics and morals .

  10. solomon Says:

    How to sponsor high morals if one commits the useless despicable act.

  11. GodKilla Says:

    Heretic, who said you have to be married to have children? Wasn’t the concept of legitimacy in childbirth a religious one? what possible difference can it make if a human being has a piece of paper as to their suitability to have children? In point of fact isn’t a loveless marriage a worse place for a child to grow up that a loving unwedded relationship?

  12. The Heretic Says:

    It is always a good idea to have a 2 parent family. It should be the ideal, not the exception. Marriage is a financial contract that supports the advent of children. Without a financial base to support a family, you have rampant welfare, unemployment, and a whole host of gov’t programs to support children and their misguided and irresponsible parent(s). Basically, you should have kids when you can afford them – usually that requires two people.

  13. GodKilla Says:

    I understand that but why do they need to be married? Committed unmarried couples can provide just as financially secure an environment as married couples, no? Unfortunately the cancellation of the contract (divorce) in many cases does not guarantee continued support and leads to exaclty the strain on the welfare state that you refer to. I agree that you should only have children when you have the funds to support them but that has zero to do with marriage and everything to do with committment.