18th December 2007

“By moving the nativity of Jesus from a stable in Bethlehem to a house in Nazareth the Pope has – astonishingly – drawn attention to the fact that we have no idea where Jesus was born. May we now hope for similar rationality over how he was conceived and what happened to his body after he died?”

P. J. Stewart

3 Responses to “18th December 2007”

  1. Thunder Says:

    * the Pope *

    The pope has nothing to do with christianity. He heads catholicism which is a counterfeit.

  2. Scott Says:

    So true. Does anyone happen to know which pope did this?

  3. Admin Says:

    “Does anyone happen to know which pope did this?”

    The present Pope in this year’s Vatican Nativity scene.

    See: Vatican nativity does away with the manger