29th June 2010

“The Catholic church's problem with secularism is how it has loosened their stranglehold on the masses.”


11 Responses to “29th June 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I think the same could be said of any religion. If you no longer believe in heaven or hell then there isn’t much left that they can frighten you with. That’s enough to scare any religion.

  2. Braathwaat Says:

    That’s well down the list of the catholic church’s problems.

  3. The E O Says:

    The Catholic church’s problem with secularism is that those who are not impressed by its wealth and pomp see it revealed as the discredited, morally bankrupt, vile institution it always was.

  4. solomon Says:

    The problem with the atheists is that they did’nt have any belief system that they resort to screwing other religions that they are not well verse of.

  5. holysmokes Says:

    It’s not so much your religion. It’s your complete lack of facts and evidence. Things would be so much easier if you had any.

  6. Hypatia Says:


    they resort to screwing other religions that they are not well verse of

    It’s quite the opposite – religion has always screwed atheists. Try being an atheist in any Islamic country for example. You won’t last long if you try to live openly as a non-believer.

    I suggest you come out as an atheist for a few days as an experiment and see what happens. Are you brave enough? I doubt it.

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    Sol ol’ buddy ol’ pal. I won’t presume to speak for all atheists, but the only definitive thing we don’t believe in is gods and associated mumbo (and most jumbo). In general many atheists are humanists (not all) and as such we believe in our common humanity. We have a responsibility to each other regardless of race, gender or religion. We share a planet with finite resources, not only with each other but a myriad of living organisms with which we share varying degrees common descent, We believe in human rights of individuals and freedom of and from religion. We believe in free thought and the epistemology of rational enquiry. We believe in many things, all of which share the principle that they can be demonstrated, evidentially, to be true (insofar as anything can be “true”). Atheists are not the ones lacking in belief, in fact the briefest peruse of atheist internet sites would tell anyone even with the meanest of intention that that is true.

  8. sjburnt Says:

    Exactly as it has been for centuries. Irrational religious thoughts, contrived for control and power, will erode in the face of enlightenment.

    Without irrational fear, the Church has only a few hundred years of accumulated wealth and power to rely on.

    Plus, secularism allows those pesky little courts of law inquire into the institutionalized pedophilia.

    That really pisses the guys in the silly hats off.

  9. GodKilla Says:

    Atheist MC; a very articulate and thoughtful reply to one of solly’s usual 2 line proclamations. Nicely done sir!

  10. solomon Says:

    God does’nt show up as the Atheists wants does not necessarily prove God did’nt exists. Conclusive doctrines in the Qoran can be part of evidence.

  11. GodKilla Says:

    There is nothing conclusive about the Koran Sol. As you may have noticed most of us on this forum do not believe that any of the religious texts are anything other than best selling works of pure fantasy. No more or less valid than anything written by the awful Dan Brown. BTW, atheists don’t have a problem with how god does or does not ‘show up’ we simply do not believe that any exist.