9th July 2010

“The active, reflective, responsible life of a non-believer offers a far better model for living a life of purpose and fulfilment than does the myopic, self-hating, god-fearing approach of the religious.”


11 Responses to “9th July 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    The author can quote anything but still can’t ran away from the absolute truth that they allways run away from. They will be burn in HELL!

  2. GodKilla Says:

    It’s the awareness by the xians that people have ALWAYS been able to live fulfilling, moralistic, contented lives without the crutch of the supernatural that fills them with the most fear. They literally abhor the idea of the responsible, gentle and reflective atheist as it flies in the face of all the brainwashing they inflict upon their credulous and dependent followers and gives real cause for their members to question the hysterical garbage they spread.

  3. solomon Says:

    The Atheists, in pretending to be good, campaign good morals as one of their practice. I wonder what kind of good morals they are into, HOMOSEX I suppose? Whaa….ka…ka…ka…

  4. Magsk Says:

    “The active, reflective, responsible life” is not exclusive to atheists. What defines us is an incorporation of rationality that ties us to an external reality rather than the religious conformity to myth

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    The conceit of the religious is that morality is a religious invention. In fact religious morals often trail secular morality, which has been the driver of most ethical reform. Witness the recent story about an Iranian woman who until today was to be stoned to death for alleged adultery. This could only be even contemplated by a religious society, stuck in the middle ages by blind adherence to an immutable doctorine.
    The morality of atheists generally is better, because it is rationally derived and accomodates the facts of the moment without resorting to the dubious “wisdom” of the ancients.

  6. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Would love to meet this guy called Anon. He comes up with some belters. If we assume that murder is one of the more heinous of crimes, we can ask 2 questions: 1. How many people have been killed for their religious beliefs by those with different religious beliefs? 2. How many people have been killed for holding religious belief by those with no particular belief? If we take the murder frequency per 1000 population for any country as a measure of morality, it becomes very clear that the ‘religious’ countries (regardless of the particular religion) fare rather badly whereas the more secular countries gravitate towards the top of the table. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to work out the lessons to be learnt here.

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    Would love to meet this guy called Anon.

    [pedantry]Why would you assume Anon to be male? [/pedantry]

  8. GodKilla Says:

    I guess we should also point out that there are examples of myopic, immoral mas murdering atheists just as there are individuals of religion who do the same. Ergo morals and responsibility have absolutely nothing to do with religion. However an atheist does not justify and enoble his acts by claiming he is doing the will of god.

  9. EdgarWing Says:

    One need only consider the cherrypicking religious people do from their own religious texts to recognize that they themselves are making moral judgments from a perspective outside their own supposed religious beliefs. The hateful religious are hateful first, religious second. Those who choose to focus on certain aspects of their religion, like Solomon’s focus on HOMOSEX, are betraying something about themselves, not their religion per se. Others will focus on concepts like love, forgiveness, inclusion, etc. Again, this reflects more about their personalities than their religion per se. Another example: The homophobic religious have no trouble quoting Leviticus to support the sinfulness of homosexuality, but somehow forget to avoid shellfish or to support slavery or the stoning of their neighbors for working on the Sabbath. It’s kind of stunning and a bit scary the lack of self-awareness demonstrated by the religious, when you think about it.

  10. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Fair point EdgarWing, but when you consider that personality is largely formed from the environment in which we grow up, and the religionists grow up in an environment where they are bombarded day and daily with the garbage we see occasionally on this site, it is small wonder they turn out the way they do. So, yes, I agree it is the fault of a personality defect rather than religion per se, or, like any good journalist or advertising exec., an ability to spin or twist the story to suit the purpose.

  11. Braathwaat Says:

    There are VERY few (if any) true believers. Christians & Muslims are quick to tell us homosexuals are going to burn in hell but no so quick to pass the same judgment on those that get divorced, have sex out of marriage, masturbate, commit adultery, work of the sabbath, etc. etc. etc.

    As the saying goes…”No man ever believes that the Bible/Koran means what it says; he is always convinced that it says what he means”.