11th July 2010

“Scaring the shit out of children [in Catholic schools] is brainwashing and child


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  1. Atheros Says:

    I agree! But there again, religion is abuse and not just to children. And in certain catholic establishments the abuse is more than mental!

    Not just the catholics either, islam makes a good few suicide bombers, I suppose that is the ultimate use and abuse.

    Mind you mohammed liked them you too, didn’t he? Jesus himself paid a lot of attention to kids also… The religious have always had an unhealthy interest in the young….

  2. Atheros Says:

    Correction above – the last sentence should read

    “Mind you mohammed liked them “young” too, didn’t he? Jesus himself paid a lot of attention to kids also… The religious have always had an unhealthy interest in the young…. “

  3. solomon Says:

    You are blantantly blurting lies.
    Would telling kids to keep away from playing with knifes or stay away from strangers is called child abuse? They are warning the children of the potential danger. This sceptic Anon & you simply termed it as child abuse.
    Don’t lie mentioning Jesus or Mohammad had unhealthy interests. It’s your lots who had a clear unhealthy interest of practicing HOMOSEX!!

  4. John Says:

    News from my part of the country; the baptist are about to have their own little pedophilic news story flash upon the worlds stage, soon.

    Atheros, I have been questioning for years how and why the muslims follow the words of a self proclaimed child rapist and another thing; what’s with the little boys they think await them in death?

  5. Edmond Says:

    What is the point of having a quote by “anonymous”? Can ANYBODY have a “quote” of the day? Isn’t it more credible to have quotes from well-known, experienced people who are at least tangentially in the field of religion? I Googled this phrase, and while the IDEA is common, I found no specific instances of it existing. I know, I know, It’s “anonymous”, but to QUOTE it, it must’ve been HEARD somewhere! Oh well.

    I only think it’s partly true, anyway. Parents certainly have a right to pass on their beliefs to their children, it’s too bad some of those beliefs involve teaching kids that we’re evil wretches that deserve eternal torture. How convenient though, because somebody ELSE took the punishment for all our future and past crimes, so we’re off the hook if we just BELIEVE we are! It’s certainly brainwashing, but is it child abuse?

    Real, unarguable child abuse is when religion leads parents to let their children DIE rather than accept medical help, or nutcases like Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz, Google THAT for a horror story.

  6. solomon Says:

    The Atheists are swayed and lost. Their only guide is their lusts.

  7. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    The point, Edmond, of having a quote by anybody is exactly that ….. the quote. It doesn’t matter whether the quote is from somebody famous and ‘respected’ or not. Surely the point is the discussion on the sentiments and relevance of the quote itself which, by the way, is why I am totally ignoring Solomon.
    I have read and heard the ‘Anon’ quote or very similar from leading Catholic clergy in Ireland as well as experts in child care and of course, the usual politicians jumping on the handiest bandwagon.
    Scaring the shit out of anybody, especially children, is abuse. No argument. But then, that is how religions get their converts; “Do exactly what we tell you, or you will burn in the fires of hell for eternity.” The same “I know I am right, regardless of the evidence staring me in the face, therefore you are wrong” mentality is the root cause of child abuse, wars, genocide, torture, murder, genocide……..

  8. solomon Says:

    You all are fortunate enough to live under God’s kingdom. He supply you with clean water from the sky just for you to deliver it into your mouth. Produce abundance of fruits with various delicious tastes. What about if all the fruits tastes bitter if it were to be produced by your so called ‘Nature’ god? Supply continuously abundance of meat from countless livestocks ready to be cooked without you undergoing tedious process to produce it. Where else can you find such a caring, merciful, gracious god than Allah almighty?
    See the fate of humans under the brief kingdom of Hitler or the pharaohs during Moses times. What happen to them?
    Now all you do is to rant bad things about god. God just wanted you to live a decent life temporarily on earth and will grant you a much better afterlife. You all are clearly booking HELL!

  9. solomon Says:


  10. solomon Says:

    All you Atheists,

    Do you remember when you were 6 to 10 years old, when you felt that good feeling inside you. The feel of comfort, tranquility to be under a powerful diety, you really belief in. That sort of feeling is real & can still be real up to this day if you want it. Try to aquire that feeling again. Its very soothing & its very real. Get back to God.

  11. Atheros Says:

    Solomon – obviously, your parents and church have messed you up beyond reason.

    “God just wanted you to live a decent life temporarily on earth and will grant you a much better afterlife.”

    I have one question. Why? Whats the point of that, there is no point at all really is there – why doesn’t he just forget the earth bit so we can sit in heaven with him/her/it? And just so you know – I am living a decent life down here on earth without him. I work bloody hard for what I have and have achieved – it isn’t much – granted, but I did it ALL by myself with a little help from others – but not once did an invisible man in the sky help me! Because yep, you guessed it – there isn’t an invisible man in the sky!!

  12. solomon Says:


    If God is to just forget the earth bit it would be better if he forgets the whole creation thing. God does’nt create all this for nothing or for the sake of a plaything. God created it with a purpose. He created everything with law & order. Everything have to obey his rules, the sun, the earth, the planets,physical, biological, chemical laws all follow a certain sets of rules. That goes the same to humans, animals,angels,jinh’s, satans & other supernatural beings.
    But human is his special creation. He has to follow all his rules only in this very short moment on earth. Unfortunately its the human who allways broke all the rules that have been outlined to them. Imagine if other creations broke all the rules, this universe will be in jeopardy, everything will be destroyed.
    Don’t quickly think what you have achieved today is just the results of your own hard work & help from others without Gods intervention. See how far a cripple,retarted or sick human can achieve( Thousand apology:I’am not downgrading these groups of people). Did’nt God grant you health, a sound mental & physical capability. What if you suddenly experience a heart attack or a stroke?

  13. John Says:

    Then…. you die.

  14. solomon Says:

    Then you’ll be burned in HELL!

  15. The Heretic Says:

    Better to face the conflagration that awaits, than to listen to your lunatic venom.

  16. Braathwaat Says:

    Solomon, it seems the main reason the God of Abraham created humans was to have them worship him & to punish those who refused.