14th July 2010

“In the Arab heartlands fundamentalism has become a refuge for anyone worried by the spread of Western culture and power. In overseas communities where Muslims are in a minority, notably Europe, it has had far more to do with a search for identity.”

The Economist

12 Responses to “14th July 2010”

  1. John Says:

    That old Dark Ages and old world shit don’t stand up to modern ways of living and the bigger the population gets; the harder it will be to suppress and control peoples’ thoughts once away from that ternary.

  2. PEB Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a search for identity Muslims are looking for. Generally Muslims families are forced to live in inner city areas where housing is cheaper, crime is high, jobs are low paid and oppotunities are few and far between.
    Simple resentment dressed up as religious fundamentalism. We saw the same in the 1980’s with the Brixton riots (albeit without suicide vests).

  3. Braathwaat Says:

    The Islamic world in general & Arab world in particular are being left behind the modern world at every level. Making matters worst they have suffered one humiliating military defeat after another for the past 2,000 years. In many Islamic countries 1/2 the population is under 20. They have little or no education & there’s no jobs for them. All this must a bitter pill for Muslims to swallow because they believe that Islam will rule the world & they need someone to blame. Why they don’t look at them self, their leaders or their religion & choose to blame the west when it’s obvious that what few Muslim countries have good relations with the west benefit from it. As the gap between rich & poor widens more & more muslims will become radicalized which presents a massive problem for the west in an age of WMD.

  4. holysmokes Says:

    The bottom line is that islam a religion that passes judgment AND punishment on those within it’s ranks that do not adhere to it’s doctrine. It does the same for other religions and non-believers in a way that christian fundimentalists can only dream of. In short, Islam goes waaaay over the line. I think efforts should be made by other religions, governments and laypeople to abolish the religion all together, or at least force it to shed it’s fanatical attitude. Let’s turn it into a “kinder/gentler religion capable of tolerance. Such a view can easily be considered racist by some, however I see no logical alternative.

    Oh, thanks to everyone for the additional bylaws yesterday. That was entertaining …to some of us anyhow ;o)

  5. solomon Says:

    Entertaining? You will be entertained by the fires of hell!

  6. Braathwaat Says:

    There is about as much of a chance of turning Islam into a kinder/gentler religion as there is in turing a pig into a dog.

  7. Margaret Says:

    Sol is entertained by his fantasies of bodies writhing in the fires of hell.

  8. tech Says:

    I,m entertained by all of you. Hello fellow humans and Hello to you too sol.

  9. tech Says:

    Just got back of vacation and I see nothing has changed.Still putting your foot in your mouth sol lol

  10. GodKilla Says:

    I’ve been hugely entertained by the last couple of topics and can’t help but notice that the only person that is suffering from a sense of humour breakdown is the one contributor (i use the term loosely) who is sadly suffering from an overdose of the drug that Dawkins calls Gerin oil

    If you’ve never seen this you’ll like it…well most of you anyway.


  11. solomon Says:

    You posses a pen-kid pig heart.

  12. solomon Says:

    Hello to you too tech. What a ‘fine’ greeting from you to start with. Hope you get along well with your human God.