20th July 2010

“If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name he'd never stop throwing up. (From the film 'Hannah And Her Sisters')”

Woody Allen

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  1. EdgarWing Says:

    I guess it would be nice to know for sure (1) whether there really was a man, Jesus, to whom the Christians refer and, if so, (2) what can be attributed to him with any certainty. I have a feeling that whoever might have inspired the tales told (and many, many years later written) of him have much more to do with the people telling and writing than the man himself.

  2. EdgarWing Says:


    About the Solomon issue: I say we engage with him only when he is making a good faith attempt at serious debate and ignore him otherwise.

  3. solomon Says:

    Indeed theres a man call Jesus or Isa son of Meriam. God confim this. He’s not dead and will come back in the near future to fix things in the right manner. But Jesus whom the Christians worship & crucified is not the real Jesus. The one who is crucified is some other man who looked like him. And Jesus is not God or son of God. He’s a man. Anyone who claims Jesus is God or son of God will be thrown to !!HELL!!
    ….is tech around?…

  4. Edmond Says:

    So, IF there is a god, either Jesus is NOT the son of any god and anyone who says so will be thrown to !!HELL!!, or he IS the son of god, and anyone who DENIES that will be thrown to !!HELL!!. It can’t be both. Solomon, is your god aware that there are these two contradictory beliefs floating around down here? How does he propose we sort out the truth from the lies? Should we listen to YOU? I’ve seen you react with fiery anger, with swearing, with name-calling. You’re not much of an ambassador. I’ve seen Muslims calling for the beheading of anyone who dares suggest that Islam isn’t a peaceful religion. How is THAT convincing? If you’re beheading people, you’re NOT being very peaceful! Doesn’t god know what the hell is happening down here? Doesn’t he CARE that his message has become garbled into a weapon? A tool for separating people instead of for bringing them together?

    Of course, if there ISN’T a god, none of it matters, and all religious people are just crazy, no matter WHAT religion. This is far more likely. People are crazy anyway, and I don’t see any gods doing anything about it.

    I’d like to see Jesus, or ANYONE, “come back” and “fix things in the right manner”, I really would. The world could use it. I just don’t expect it. People have been excitedly anticipating his return for two millennia, it’s ALWAYS just right around the corner, but it keeps not happening. I’ve never seen ANYONE come back from the dead, not without serious efforts on the part of doctors, nurses, and highly sophisticated pieces of technology, and CERTAINLY not after 2000 years. This is just more magical claims that have never been demonstrated, more empty mythology. Jesus will stay forever in the story books.

  5. solomon Says:

    The true and only God is well aware of what is going around everywhere Edmond. Thats why he granted the Qoran to put truth back on track. The Christians scholars have been manipulating the Torah & Zabur to fit it into the bible & claim that Jesus is God or son of God. God reveals this lie in the Qoran. Don’t you now dare say God is not doing anything about it? If you think wisely you could simply spot the lies brought up by the bible. How could God posess the same image as human & live by the same human standard, that is by having a son? That would automatically put God’s standards to shame.
    All the examples you cited of Muslims beheading without cause is just not part of the true god abiding Muslims.Real Muslims are peaceful loving creatures. Some people can’t get over emotions & the whisper from the devil ‘satan’.
    As I’ve said Jesus is not dead, he will surely come back one day to fix things. And you will feel he’s very near & the waiting is not far if you have patience.2000 years is a very short period to the eyes of the faithful. He will come down at the right moment as planned by God.

  6. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    SO MANY “sons of gods” throughout ancient history, but Jesus is the only one whose name is commemorated on the bumpers of rusty ratty old pick-up trucks!

  7. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    EdgarWing –

    “A good faith attempt at serious debate?” – there is no good faith, no debate, and nothing serious.” When a person holds onto a position so tightly that there is nothing that anyone can say that could possibly change her/his/its mind, then discussion/engagement is a complete waste of time.

    No matter the position advanced, counter-argument presented, evidence demonstrated, the outcome is “preordained” – Solomon will write the same drivel. While it is, on some level, amusing and good for a laugh, it really distracts from others who do have a good faith efforts at serious debate.

    I do encourage people to resist asking Solomon questions, or responding in any fashion to its posts, because it only seems to encourage more posts.

    Re: the quote – I agree with the posters that it presupposes so many things: that there was a single dude named Jesus, that this dude was special in some way, and that this dude actually held convictions attributed to him. It being likely that any such jesus is a composite of a collection of dudes, coming back is impossible.

    So, if there was a “coming back” – this whole reasoning would be wrong and we’d be left with a messed up universe in which some all-powerful being needs to rape some human woman to conceive a child to fix its mistakes by having the defective humans kill this wise person — all the while god and jesus knowing there really was no sacrifice because jesus was just playing dead…

    It’s enough to make anyone throw up….


  8. Braathwaat Says:

    Other than the gospels there isn’t a single shred of evidence that Jesus ever existed in the historical record. The entire story of Jesus is a myth stole from other pagan religions

  9. Joanne Says:

    Actually Braathwaat, Jesus was mentioned by Josepheus, but some believe it was added by the catholics in about the 3rd or 4th century…

  10. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    The Josephus passage in question is widely thought to be an interpolation, that is, it was inserted into his work by early Christians who also seemed to have noticed an odd lack of an historical record for as august a person as “the Christ”. There are several good reasons nicely summarized here:


    Even CHRISTIAN historians widely accept that the evidence in Josephus was planted.

    If what Jesus is purported to have said is accurate, he was fairly progressive for his time but would still be considered a primitive in our time. Plus, I’ve tasted him and frankly he tastes like crappy dry crackers.

  11. solomon Says:

    Edmond & Edgarwing,
    Can you see that the other Athiests are ranting like some intoxicated dude without knowledge.!!Satan!! is always beside them especially YourSkepticalGuy campaigning to sabotage me from delivering truth. Its a good sign that both of you is wondering to know more, something that have’nt come to you before. That is the flower of faith that may be granted to you. If both of you are willing to find truth, I have much more in store to deliver. Open your heart and try gods revelation for a change. I promise you a complete peace of mind that you have’nt felt before.

  12. GodKilla Says:

    @YSG and EdgarWing

    “I do encourage people to resist asking Solomon questions, or responding in any fashion to its posts, because it only seems to encourage more posts.”

    “About the Solomon issue: I say we engage with him only when he is making a good faith attempt at serious debate and ignore him otherwise.”

    You have my full and unfettered support. In fact I’ll go further and encourage all of us here to support YSG and EdgarWing on this very resonable and justified effort. We all know it makes sense.

  13. NoReflection Says:

    You are right Solomon, Jesus was not a god or the son of a god but a man ,I feel his pain every day ,Just a man.

  14. solomon Says:

    Now are you convince that the Qoran cite the truth?