23rd July 2010

“Two events heralded the death knell for what has been referred to many times as 'the long 19th century of the Irish Catholic Church.' Those were the Second Vatican Council, when things apparently immutable for all time were seemingly changed overnight, and the introduction of free second-level education as well as the introduction of state university grants in 1967. Both produced skeptical Irish Catholics, less credulous than previous generations and demanding more sophisticated answers to age-old questions.”

Patsy McGarry

12 Responses to “23rd July 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Yeah, well, the newest Captain Infallible, Pope Been-a-dick, isn’t exactly a fan of VII. He can try as he might to turn back the clock but his thralls aren’t so enthralled with his church’s brand of mystical redemption through human sacrifice voodoo anymore.

  2. solomon Says:


    ‘I am still waiting for Solomon’s prayers to prove his point by the sudden appearance of cities on the moon.’

    My God have create such places other than earth, that has all the abundance of living things. Its called Heaven & Hell.

    Now asked your Nature god to hand picked a few selected species from earth & start a new life on the moon.

  3. Admin Says:

    Contributors are kindly reminded to stay on topic – which is always the quote of the day.

    Today’s topic is the collapse of traditional Irish Catholicism – something that once seemed impregnable!

  4. Atheist MC Says:

    The more education peole get, the less they are satified with religion. It’s practically self evident. You can almost predict a person’s IQ and standard of education by how religious they are.

  5. The Heretic Says:

    I love that Christians religions are being fraught with skeptisicm – which I find entirely healthy. But, this skepticism needs to permeate other religions as well. There are just too many vacuous followers in the world. And they are responsible for so much evil……

  6. John Says:

    I guess that is why the US appears to be becoming more religious; its schools are commandeered more and more by 1950’s era “white” religious teaching in it’s schools, its text books and by the politicians and thus are apparently sliding backwards on the scales compared to European an Asian students.

  7. Margaret Says:

    The best investment I ever made was birth control. Yay, contraceptives! Now if I could only find an atheist fellow, Yum.

    The Catholic Church lost its marketability when it opposed contraception. Out of touch and irrelevant to anything other than the Dark Ages, a somber period in history during which birth control was not available anyway, life was short and brutal, common people were illiterate, and the Pope was never questioned because people did not have options.

    People now are literate and can see facts for themselves. They do not have to stay under the thumb of the Pope. A celibate man in embroidered gowns living in a palace is going to tell me I have to always be “open to the transmission of life”, but he or his church will do nothing to help if I have 17 kids and an abusive religious husband? Insanity. Keep talking, Pope-man, the more people who see how out of touch with reality you are, the more you lose. Move your palace to the moon, for all I care, I’m not listening to you.

  8. GodKilla Says:

    Wow! about time admin!

  9. GodKilla Says:

    Margaret, do you live in Australia by any chance? Sorry, off topic

  10. solomon Says:

    The muslims imam’s or mufti’s did’nt live like the lives of the Pope, in palaces like Kings. When you’re in the wrong religion thats what happens.

  11. Braathwaat Says:

    Education is a serious problem in the Muslim world as many of the schools (financed by the saudi’s) are teaching the Wahhabi brand of Islam which is radical even by Islamic standards.

  12. steve Says:

    blame it on their (mid easterners’) “barbaric”culture.