29th July 2010

“Everyone has ideas they hold precious. Only you, the religious, demand to be protected from debate or scrutiny that might discomfort you.”

Johann Hari

41 Responses to “29th July 2010”

  1. NoReflection Says:

    Bring up the Crusade`s, and all religion will go DUH ,, They have gone so long with out freedom and done so much wrong the bible is there only shield,I Walk Alone,

  2. Braathwaat Says:

    Nearly all religious people I know consider it a personal attatck on them if you question their faith, The irony is they are capable of analzying other religions with careful precision but suspend the rational process when it comes to their own.

  3. solomon Says:

    Not with me or Islam. Come on..pose any questions on faith.

  4. Godkilla Says:

    OK, what are the consequences if you try to leave Islam and join another faith?

  5. solomon Says:

    Religion is not a play thing where you can simply come and go based on the advantage or disadvantage you gain or lose. Religion is like a contract, based on trust. Don’t ask me the same question. What will happen when you betray your army or when a wife cheated on her husband.

  6. Godkilla Says:

    What if a christian wants to converet to islam?

  7. solomon Says:

    Its most welcomed coz its the true religion. Other religions are fake.The trusts or contract outside Islam is not accounted for.

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    Heh! Godkilla: I like what you did there. Sol is easily lead of course but well done all the same 🙂

  9. Hypatia Says:

    sol: “coz its the true religion”

    Just because you say so?

    How many times do we have to tell you that unsubstantiated comments like that just make you look VERY STUPID.

  10. Margaret Says:

    Sol, do you think humans are created in the image of God? What does that say about God?

  11. robb Says:

    sol…………you’re a schmuck.

  12. solomon Says:

    How about if its realy true….
    Then it will not only make you look Very Stupid. It will realy make you Very Stupid.

  13. solomon Says:

    I think I have explain this many times. God is comparable to nothing. Everything that have or have’nt cross your mind is uncomparable to god. So your doubt is answered.

  14. Atheist MC Says:

    You see Sol. What God is doing according to theists is playing a game of cosmic hide and seek. He reveals himself to some and not to others, he espouses one doctorine to some and another to others and he defies rational enquiry. In God’s rules the penalty for losing at this pathetic game is eternal damnation. Now I could take the outside gamble that the real God is hiding behind your particular religion and not one of the hundreds of other divisions and sub-divisions of Abrahamic twaddle, but if you’re wrong I would look very stupid too. Personally I’m too grown up to play stupid games with petty childish Gods.

  15. solomon Says:

    Atheists MC,
    God is not your slave to aproach each and everyone of you out of billions & billions of humans that have existed, but God give clear knowledge and proof of his existence. He grants each and every one of you ample time and chance to review and think it over. But most of you with arrogance and impatience does’nt like truth & prefer the swayed route instead. Don’t let that skeptical heart of yours take control.

  16. Braathwaat Says:

    Sol, I have 3 questions on Islam. (1) Since Taqiyya states it’s OK for Muslims to deceive other Muslims if it’s good for Islam how can any Muslim know they are getting the truth? Many who cannot read & get all their information from religious leaders (2) The Koran states that if there is a contradiction the verse written latest supersedes any earlier verse. Since the peaceful verses are written before the violent verses how can Islam be considered a peaceful religion? (3) How can Muslims coexist with countries that are not under Sharia law when the Koran states man made governments & free speech (where Allah can be criticized) are an abomination?

  17. Margaret Says:

    You give a god credit for everything that does exist or can exist, but if this is true, this must mean that the god is lacking something. There is no need to create unless there is a void to fill.

    What need does a god have for humans? Why create anything? Is he/it/she lonely? Enjoy playing games with underlings? If you think about it, none of it makes any sense. It certainly does not give any evidence of a loving god.

  18. Mike G Says:

    @Braathwaat: I am sorry, but I honestly don’t think you will get anything resembling a concise answer from Sol on that one. Very good job though!

  19. Alavi Says:

    how can one explain the nature of the universe with the inexplicable? it’s a logical fallacy. oh and islam can take criticism, sol? really? thats why salman rushdie had a fatwaa put on him, thats why danish writers were attacked by muslims, thats why the writers of south park were threatened due to a tv episode? this shows a high level of incompetency and ignorance among the religious. if we cannot criticize faith, then what can we criticize? current age muslims and all other faith-heads alike are ill-tempered children who cannot stand to see the obvious inconsistencies/stupidity in their beliefs mocked. yet they laugh at greek religion and paganism. grow the f*&$ up.

  20. solomon Says:

    You speak as if youre the master of the universe & god is some kind of a beggar. God needed nothing at all from his creations. God creates everything out of his graciousness.Can’t you see he’s sharing the wealth that he posses with every living & unliving things? He even shares his own ‘rokh’ or souls to make you alive & feel its part of your own. Does supplying abundance of foods and water to drink not evidence of a loving god?

  21. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Good one Margaret. If ‘god’ created everything including our planet and everything on it, then surely he would have given preference to the most numerous, effective, cooperative, successful species – beetles. What makes humans think that they are the top of the heap? Because of brains? Those brains have spent more time, effort and energy into wiping out their fellow species than any other species on the planet. What does that say about a ‘creator?’

  22. holysmokes Says:

    The 1st design was created by Sol’s god. Sol’s god was created by Fred’s god and Fred’s god was created by mine some 87 quadzillion years before your pathetic little big bang. Of course my god, who naturally lives outside space and time, was not created. He has always been here. My religion is holysmokesism. You must all obey my soon-to-be-released, “books of how it is.” They will soon hit a book store near you. You must purchase one for each day of the week. They are color-coded and failure to read each book on it’s given day will result in eternal damnation! YOU MUST OBEY!

  23. holysmokes Says:

    Why? Becasue I am a kind and caring god who loves you.

  24. margaret Says:

    If God needs nothing from his creations, why does he demand constant worship? Does he/it/she feel insecure?

    If God is comparable to nothing, with no limits or boundaries, how can we define him/it/her? And if he/it/she cannot be defined, then how is it relevant? It would be invisible to perception. He/it/she would be unable to communicate with humans in any way. Omnipotence? Where? The invisible and non-existent are very much the same.

    Humans wonder and question as part of our nature. Why would a god, if he/it/she actually is the creator or designer, make people with brains and them condemn them for using them?

    Do Muslims not wonder about any deep questions? Do you feel guilty for it?

  25. Atheist MC Says:

    Sol’s answers to these questions only reinforce the veracity of the quote, Don’t question, ignore evidence, obey the scripture.
    God actually is a slave to humans, at least in the sense that if he is as he appears in religions basic morality would expect that he is consistent and honest. It is not good enough that one of the revelations we have to choose from is correct (even were that so), as we only have the testimony of the believers that it is correct. Believers are human and therefore fallible in any theology yo care to name. So we are back to the obvious conclusion. God MAY exist, but particular Gods are are open to interpretation, therefore the logical thing to do with God given free will is to doubt.

  26. robb Says:

    WOW !!!!!!!

    HOLYSMOKESISM !!!!!! YAY !! OH JOY !!!


    UP YOUR, SOL !!!!

  27. robb Says:

    hey………….if any of you subscribe the the email service ” ATHEIST
    REVOLUTION ” check out todays message………………….it’s called
    “fascination with idiocy ” and it gives a razor-sharp perspective on guys
    like sol.

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  28. Margaret Says:

    For Holysmokism NO SPECIAL DISPENSATION FOR THE COLORBLIND!!! That is their problem, god in his wisdom has made them that way, so they get what they get. Tough luck.

  29. Atheist MC Says:


    Depends on what we’re smokin’ :}

  30. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I have been following this site for some time – its informative and very interesting. BUT WHY OH WHY do you keep giving oxygen to the stupid rantings of Solomon ( a misnomer of gigantic proportions) I no longer bother with his drivel but find I am doing a lot of scrolling over it -IGNORE THE TWIT

  31. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    The “Do Not Feed The Pigeons” sign in the park is not only designed to help individuals avoid the short-term and long-term disadvantages of excessive pigeon congregation (EPC), but it also helps to reduce the chances that individual actions will result in the pigeons crapping all over the other people in the park.

    I know I periodically make this request (and will continue to support those who make similar requests): Please help keep our area nice and tidy and just “…IGNORE THE TWIT”


  32. robb Says:

    ysg is right

  33. solomon Says:

    Doubting Thomas,
    Your campaign is outdated. For the others, your comments will be dealth later.

  34. axl Says:

    you’re a sad case sol……………you should seek profession treatment

  35. solomon Says:


    I’am OK, very happy, calm, tranquil. I guess its you that should seek profession(professional) treatment….worry…unsure…doubt..unstable lots.

  36. solomon Says:


    People just loved to feed Pigeons. It will allways be…

  37. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Wow. A regular Sol-A-Palooza today. Sadly. This wank has had it too good for too long.

  38. solomon Says:


    God needs nothing from his creations is refering to the common human needs. God just wants everyone to worship him, is to have unity among humans, following only one standard that is fair, conducive and ideal to all lives. Why would God have the feeling of unsecure? He ows everything, he can do anything. The feeling of unsecure is only in the minds of humans, don’t reflect it on God.

    Invisible and non-existent are very much the same BUT its still not the same.
    Gravity or magnetic forces are invincible but it exists. You need not have to define God Margaret. Its beyond our imagination or thought. Try to define Gravity first if you can. But gravity is still relevant does’nt it?
    God communicate with the lower subjects according to his ways, like Kings, you have to follow protocol don’t you? You can’t tell him to follow your way or what you expect. This is GOD youre talking about. The highest supreme with pure holliness.

    If you design a car and refrain from using the engine to drive it then you must be a misguided fool. Tell me one instant you are not allowed to use your brain Margaret. But the brain, like the engine have their limits too. You can’t climb Mount Everest with your car even if theres a highway up to the peak. That is why God gave divine knowledge through his messenger to overcome what the brains could’nt reach for.

    Muslims always wonder….every moment of it, about deep crucial questions and with the will of God and with patience they are always showed the answer.

  39. solomon Says:

    Your religion sounds more like ALCOHOLISM rather than holysmokesism. Are you intoxicated??

  40. Godkilla Says:

    sol, the fact that you fail to see the almost unbelievable – i say almost because sadly we hear the like daily from your kind – hypocrisy in your earlier statements to me on the consequences of both apostasy from and conversion to islam makes it clear you are a lost cause. i wish you well in your wasted life, thus ends any further communication between us.

    i support the movement to stop feeding the trollpidgeon

    to take from doubting Thomas he is an oxygen thief

  41. solomon Says:

    Allways the case. The Atheists in despair & graps for air resort to the outdated tactics campaigning in eliminating me…the only one believer they could not cope with either in reasoning or facts.