28th September 2010

“Funny, a week of walking up and down the main artery of the self-proclaimed heart of moral debauchery, and nary a Bible verse could be heard. In the many times I’ve been to Las Vegas over the years, I’ve never seen a religious protest. And yet let a mid-size city try to add sexual orientation to its municipal non-discrimination policy or a high school senior bring a same-gender date to prom, and you would think it was the apocalypse.”

L. Z. Granderson

7 Responses to “28th September 2010”

  1. CaptainZero Says:

    And yet…if could do a poll in the casinos I bet you’d find the superstitious in the same proportions they hold elsewhere. I’m guessing superstitious males are big fans of the skin shows too. A taste of the ‘forbidden fruit’ as it were.

    It IS weird how god-belief seems to focus one so much on their neighbor’s sexual orientation. Seemingly due to a couple passages in an old book. Yet they’ll have no problem eating, say, a lobster, the consumption of which is prohibited with equal force in the very same section. I think it’s more than arguable that they are bigots first and simply cherry pick the bits that reinforce their bigotry.

    Which is all very odd considering the sausage fest that was Jesus’ inner circle. Heh heh.

  2. Atheist MC Says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas but I assume, given the large numbers that holiday there and the general religiosity of America that most of the punters must be religious to some degree.

  3. robb... Says:

    to capt. zero………

    you’re right, of course. it makes me tired just thinking it over.

  4. tech Says:

    You fellows need to get some rest and not worry so much. The good book says not to worry it will not add to your life,only take away.

  5. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    …and so sayeth the prophet Alfred E. Neuman: Quid, Me Anxius Sum?
    And yes, they are good books (and magazines).


  6. Dan Says:

    So what you’re saying is that there aren’t many xtians who read this “good” book you speak of?

  7. opleaze....... Says:

    what’s so “good” about it ??