5th December 2010

“To the surprise of liberals who fear the advent of an evangelical theocracy and to the dismay of religious conservatives who long to see their faith more fully expressed in public life, Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population.”

Jon Meacham

4 Responses to “5th December 2010”

  1. holysmokes Says:

    I’d like to see the actual data on this one. Admin, does Meacham offer any references?

  2. Admin Says:

    The original article is here: http://www.newsweek.com/2009/04/03/the-end-of-christian-america.html

    “According to the American Religious Identification Survey… the percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 percentage points since 1990, from 86 to 76 percent.”

    “Pew Forum poll echoed the ARIS finding, reporting that the percentage of people who say they are unaffiliated with any particular faith has doubled in recent years, to 16 percent”

  3. CaptainZero Says:

    On the Pew site there is also a fun test of religious knowledge you can take. I got a 93% (14 of 15 right). I enjoy knowing that we atheists know more about religion than the religionistas themselves but for many of us that is WHY we’re atheists. You can’t read too deeply in this stuff without it destroying your faith. That is also why the catholic church once made it a crime punishable by (an horrific) death to publish a bible in English.

    The tide of Christianity may indeed be ebbing in the US and Europe but there’s another tide right behind it that could prove to be just as high and deep.

  4. tech Says:

    Captain no you can’t read to deeply into this you may find the truth about salvation.As for the test it must have been pretty easy.