8th December 2010

“Gay human rights defenders are not persecuting Christians, we are simply asking them to stop persecuting us.”

Peter Tatchell

2 Responses to “8th December 2010”

  1. Godkilla Says:

    Yeah, well good luck with that Peter. Don’t you know that ‘the church’ has always and will always be strangely obsessed with sex. If we accept that being gay is not a ‘condition’ but is how one is born just as heterosexuality is I have never understood why religious types don’t embrace it as a part of god’s famous plan. Surely they should focus on the fact that there exists love between two humans rather than the fact that those two humans may be of the same gender?

  2. Clovis Says:

    If religious people start treating homosexuals on equal grounds, the holy books words will become invalid, after all… goat herders were abit simple minded back then.