2nd January 2011

“Research suggests that intuitive judgements of right and wrong seem to operate independently of explicit religious commitments.”

Dr. Marc Hauser

4 Responses to “2nd January 2011”

  1. Greateighthsin Says:

    I back that research, and even prove it. I grew up never going to church and have had non-religious parents. To this day, I can %100 honestly say I have never stolen anything in my life. I attribute it to my natural instinct to give people their own independent space, and to respect that space. Not the word of “God” that states “thou shall not steal”; something I didn’t learn until I was 7 years old, was already in agreement with, and didn’t attribute it to any religious logic.

  2. CaptainZero Says:

    It’s absurd to think religion is needed for morality given all the societies that operate with and without religion yet, miraculously, all have the same central strictures: rape, murder, theft and lying are wrong. It didn’t take religion for us to know this. We could not have a successful society without these basic agreements. If you’re interested in a well reasoned explanation of our evolutionary roots of morality, I recommend Dan Dennett’s Breaking the Spell – Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

  3. CaptainZero Says:

    P.S. – The Christian religion specifically ADVOCATES rape, rather than condemning it. Curiously, it doesn’t make any of the three versions of the “10 commandments” while the lord’s insecure admonitions against worshiping any of the other gods take up significant space in the lists.

    Tech – I’m optimistic that this will be the year you give up the ghost. Embrace your doubts and your rational mind, brother. You’ll find, as I did, a world that is much wider when not impoverished by the narrow lens of faith. Happy New Year, believers and free thinkers.

  4. no doubts tech Says:

    Thanks Captain,Same to you. Captain, the road that leads to eternal life is straight and narrow.All the best for the year. Well I,m off to church. Bye for now.