9th January 2011

“If more than one-quarter of today's young people [in the US] are setting off in adult life with no religious identification, compared with about one-20th of previous generations, the prospects for religious observance in the coming decades are substantially diminished.”

Robert D. Putnam

3 Responses to “9th January 2011”

  1. Kaptain Says:

    I find it incredible, with the information we have today, there is 70+ percent of our population who still believe in an invisible guy in the sky. I only hope I get to see the day our government acknowledges religion is total bullshit and has no business in our business. just saying. The quote gives me a little hope that it’s time is coming.

  2. Greateighthsin Says:

    This next generation that’s coming up (today’s middle/jr high school) is already on the ball. Thanks to the internet, and extremists, the mass majority are quickly learning that religion is nothing but full of empty promises, and that it holds no “truth” to actual claims that can be applied to the mechanics of the universe.

  3. Edmond Says:

    The internet is a HUGE part of it, Greateighthsin, you hit that on the head. The distribution of information and knowledge is at a level never seen before in human history. Communication is at a peak that could NEVER have been imagined by Gutenberg. This new, rapid-fire dissemination of ideas will help new and old religions spread their messages at first, but they will also burn through the usual assessments and deconstructions faster than ever, and larger groups of people will be able to reach quicker conclusions that they are all bunk.