3rd February 2011

“Religion is more than the belief in a supreme being. It is the cult of that supreme being and the belief that his or her wishes have been made known or can be determined.”

Christopher Hitchens

6 Responses to “3rd February 2011”

  1. GreatEighthSin Says:

    Not only do they worship those supreme beings they revere them even though many are hypocritical, manipulative, and worse of all, abusive. It’s disgusting to know that people bow to a dictator of tyranny so easily, yet call Hitler evil.

    “I use emotion for the many, and reserve reason for the few” – Hitler; They say history has a way of repeating itself. It only just repeated itself with Hitler.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    It is the cult that I fear.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    I know what you are saying, Heretic. The main worry I have is that, as soon as the cultists gain any form of ascendancy, anywhere, they try to impose their ridiculous ideas on the rest of us. Now I fear for Egypt and the knock-on effects for the rest of the world.

  4. trolling tech Says:

    The Bible says in the last days men will be gripped fear and their hearts will fail them.I fear no cult or religion.But I do fear the wrought God.I believe his Word.Great English I think I see why you became an atheist, if that is the God you know.The God you describe is not the God I know.

  5. archaeopteryx Says:

    Tech: we are not worried about any god – it doesn’t exist, after all. We are talking about people who think they know the mind of such a mythical creation of human paranoia.

  6. Dan Says:

    I grew up thinking that religion was a good thing: even though I never actually believed in it, it was still a nice metaphor I thought. Frankly, I was shocked as I grew older to realize that there were a lot of people that thought it wasn’t a metaphor; that it was actually real. Shortly thereafter I started calling myself an atheist.