10th February 2011

“No religion can withstand the force of logic.”


7 Responses to “10th February 2011”

  1. CaptainZero Says:

    They can and they do, unfortunately. We’ve seen it on this very forum. When confronted with an argument they find difficult, they resort to a protest of their faith, not a defense of their position. In short, the hard core of the religious set are hardened to rational argument. What can one do with they who cannot admit of hard facts? I say here is a cube: It has six sides, and they say the number of sides is unknowable. One may as well argue with a stone.

    Religion cannot withstand logic as long as logic is an agreed upon standard. The problem is, the religious cannot admit ANY standard by which to judge their claims. Then they claim this perfidy as a VIRTUE. Lost to any objective standard, they are.

  2. reetBob Says:

    No religious reasoning can withstand the force of logic; however many religions withstand logic very successfully, faith is a deep and impermeable barrier against logic and circular reasoning can circumvent a great many reasonable premises and conclusions.

  3. reetBob Says:

    Better said, captainZero, and wise you are

  4. oouchan Says:

    Actually, if you ignore logic altogether then any position can stand on its own. Simply putting your fingers in your ears and saying “La, La, La..I can’t hear you.”…does not an argument make.
    So once logic is brought in, the fairy tales fall apart….and they retreat into the realm of faith.

  5. Sally Says:

    Because logic demands proof, visual or otherwise, which cannot be produced. That’s why it is called blind faith.

  6. Edmond Says:

    No religion COULD withstand the force of logic, IF any religion dared to actually FACE logic and square off in that arena. But, they don’t. They just whip out their “get out of logic free card”, blind faith.

  7. Zach Says:

    The thing about “facing logic”, as Edmond said, is that you must first step onto the same level as logic before “facing” it even become fathomable. “Faith” is, by definition, “believing without seeing”. You can provide all of the stone-cold facts, evidence, reasoning, blatantly obvious truths you want. At the end of the day, you could discover the meaning of life, a true Christian will simply tell you that “there is a higher meaning, and I’ll find it when I die because I was faithful in my lord and savior in life.”

    Anyone arguing with a religious fanatic might as well be arguing with a prerecorded chat-box.