11th February 2011

“They are a funny lot, these religious folk. When it comes to scientific evidence that contradicts their religion they quickly point out all the weaknesses of the discipline, ‘It only deals with material things’, ‘There are other truths’, ‘Science can’t tell us WHY we are here’, ‘Science can’t explain everything’. However, should the faintest evidence support their beliefs they latch on to it with the passion of a rationalist possessed.”


5 Responses to “11th February 2011”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    As a reader (decades ago) of the Billy Bunter books, this reminded me of his assertion when caught for pilfering sweets. “I never took them and they tasted awful anyway”. Or words to that effect.

  2. Atheros Says:

    But the quote falls down on –

    “However, should the faintest evidence support their beliefs”

    There is zero evidence at all! None! Not even faintest!

  3. greateighthsin Says:

    Actually, there is “evidence” for their beliefs out there, but it’s always twisted around information that still fits the “secular” scientist’s beliefs; things like Jupiter being the star of Bethlehem. Those are the types of things that the religious latch onto with fervency. Of course, you could look at that exact same item or date and find a million other excuses to their reasons, but that always gets brushed aside.

    Then of course, there’s the creationist “scientist” that thinks logs can float in water for over a year, yet somehow never damage a wooden boat, especially when they’re rushing at it at high velocity. Oh, and of course, totally discard the idea of maintaining a wooden boat, and constantly ridding it of bilge water as water temperature and pressure changes.

  4. betelgese Says:

    Reactions from the U.S. conservative Christian right to events in Egypt:
    The shape-shifter senator John McCain calls the democracy movement “a virus that will spread”, in other words democracy is only good for the U.S. and certain of its allies, NOT for the generality of the “third world” countries. The pseudo-intellect Newt Gingrich says that even though Mubarak must “go”, but that he must “go with dignity”, as if it was up to them or the U.S. how he goes! If the Egyptian mob strings him up at the nearest lamppost, or if a post-revolutionary Egyptian government officially executes him it is THEIR business. I’m wondering if he thinks it was “dignified” for Mubarak to torture and imprison his political opponents or to enrich himself and his family on the poverty of the Egyptian people! The Christian religious hypocrite Mike Huckabee’s reaction was to recently go to Israel to consult and console himself with his Zionist masters. The comic figure of the cracker barrel philosopher Glen Beck said something about The Egyptian democracy movement is a plot hatched by Western liberals to install an Islamic Caliphate so as to challenge U.S. world hegemony! The primate level brained Sarah Palin said something intelligible as usual, I forget what it was. Enough said of the intelligence level of the U.S. Christian Right!

  5. Doubting Thomas Says:

    No less Boke provoking are the inane mumblings are little Bullingdon boy Davie Cameron and vague Hague as if anything they say can say will affect the Momentous events in Egypt.