23rd February 2011

“The non democratic structure of the Roman Catholic Church mean that the views of just one person, the Pope, are the only ones that count for that community of over one billion.”

Malcolm Williamson

2 Responses to “23rd February 2011”

  1. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I think the Cosa Nostra and other similar groups copied the management style of the original godfather and all the popes since. Democracy has no chance – the Mafia threatens the lives of tens of thousands – The Catholic church the lives of tens of millions ( It even invented an afterlife – so it could threaten that too) The good news is that they are losing – Keep shining the light of logic on them.

  2. If only... Says:

    An Arabian style revolt by all of their followers, refusing to support the pedo-hiding corrupt state with the tithes.

    This would soon bring them to their knees!