28th February 2011

“Evidently those who succumb to their desires are rejected particularly vehemently by those who painfully suppress such leanings in themselves… The fiercest homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile clerics who desperately suppress their own sexuality.”

David Berger

5 Responses to “28th February 2011”

  1. greateighthsin Says:

    Actually, they’re not homosexual at all. Because of their suppression from all sexual activities, including masturbation, fetishes have run rampant through the backs of their heads. Ultimately, those fetishes overtake their general reasoning and they use their reasoning to let their inhibitions overtake their actions. In the end, they then take whatever they can get their hands on at the time, even if it is an altar boy.

    This is why “purity pledges” fail, too. They suppress their sexual desires when they’re younger and end up becoming more desiring of oral, anal, and obscure fetishes and behaviors (including having multiple, and many times secret, partners).

    Sadly, I can go on and on about this since human sexuality, gender, and relationships fascinate me, lol.

  2. Jezebel Says:

    It’s often referred to as “situational homosexuality” in monasteries and convents because the object of their affection is of the same sex. Given a different scenario their affection could well be directed towards someone of the opposite sex, indicating that they may not be homosexual at all.

    But actually, I agree with the quote of David Berger. In my experience, anyone who loudly expresses disgust at homosexuals is usually trying to divert attention from their own expressed or suppressed desires.

  3. greateighthsin Says:

    @Jezebel Yup, absolute abstinence is nearly the most perverse sexual expression I’ve ever come across. It does more damage to someone’s life than many of the harder fetishes.

    “In my experience, anyone who loudly expresses disgust at homosexuals is usually trying to divert attention from their own expressed or suppressed desires.” – You would not believe how true this statement is. It has been tested over an over again that extreme homophobics respond erotically to homosexual pornography. Oddly enough, they respond to heterosexual porn, too. I have a personal theory that they are closeted bi-sexuals who repress their orientation because they’re afraid that it will change their gender when, in reality, gender plays absolutely no role in someone’s sexuality. That’s fear for you, though.

    BTW, I watched an ex-bully who was extremely homophobic get divorced two years ago. Why? He was caught in bed with another man. Then, confessed to being with over 150 others since their 4 years of dating/marriage (no STD’s amazingly enough). I also have a gay friend (well, who’s more closer to my brother) who sleeps around a lot with married men. He has said that a large amount of them are homophobic and tell him to keep it under the table, lol. Then everyone wonders why this fascinates me so much. It’s extremely weird how everyone’s sexuality is generally so opposite of their normal lives.

  4. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I’m not an abstainer – I just can’t pull.

  5. John Says:

    I desire, with every fiber of my being, to accept the premise underlying David’s quote as an unassailable and irrefuteable truth. After all, believing it is so very enticing given Herr Berger’s bona fides. However, can a true skeptic believe it out of hand simply because it supports our seemingly inate need for divine justice? I think not. I call upon David Berger to prove his claim using proper methods of scientific enquiry.