16th March 2011

“The [Catholic] church can still mobilise, but it cannot impose its will.”

The Economist

8 Responses to “16th March 2011”

  1. Defiantnonbeliever Says:

    It still does impose it’s will lots of places. It fires doctors and nurses at it’s hospitals(US), it prevents good sex education and disease prevention health care education(worldwide), it miss-educates and indoctrinates children without their informed consent(worldwide), and does it’s best to kill the political careers of those who would eliminate it’s remaining elevated privileges(worldwide). It had a significant part of starting ww2 protecting it’s interests in Spain, and set the example for the Holocaust in the Balkans. It’s unconstitutional tax supported health clinics (US) post iconic portraits of criminal Popes on their waiting room walls. Much of it’s harm is unseen in the form of blackballing of job opportunity applicants. It adds to and provides cover for other churches and their coercive controlling influences.
    Fortunately there are more voices now to point out the lies of ‘universal goodwill’ the church would have all see.

  2. Jezebel Says:

    It certainly does impose its will and very loudly, too. Only yesterday the Archbishop of Sydney made a formal announcement that climate change wasn’t real. The leader of one of our major political parties is an ex-priest who agrees with everything the Archbishop says, no matter how ridiculous. Unfortunately this arrogant, right-winged man-of-God, a loud critic of everything that has happened since 1950, has enormous sway with the blocking or implementation of this country’s laws.

  3. If only... Says:

    Those who deny the reality of the world as it is were given the kind of respect reserved for the otherwise deluded and locked up in the nearest “funny farm”!

  4. rj Says:

    to defiantnonbeliever……

    thank you ! very nicely put !

  5. trolling tech Says:

    What are the atheists on this site doing if their not imposing their will?

  6. Dan Says:

    trolling tech,
    On whom are we imposing our will???

  7. Clovis Says:

    Tech, we are talking. We do not tell anyone what to do, we simply talk.

    It sucks, but its true, hey at least they dont control the guillotine (everyones like, “when knew better than to let them tell us who to kill”).

  8. CaptainZero Says:

    In TechWorld, voicing one’s opinions and criticism = imposing our will? How does that work, TT? You should know, by the way, that your brand of Christianity, Tech, would have been heresy worthy of very harsh punishment so I hope you’re not defending The Church here.