29th March 2011

“Our parliamentary democracy [in the UK] is doubtless flawed, and may seem in particularly poor shape in the twenty-first century. But we must do all we can to mend it; and this entails doing all we can to fend off the forces of theocracy.”

Mary Warnock

3 Responses to “29th March 2011”

  1. CaptainZero Says:

    Applies equally well to the U.S., I’d say. The most conservative flag waving-est wrapped-in-the-constitution tea party f-tards seem utterly ignorant of the secular nature of our system of government. Nor do they acknowledge the advantages that this confers to them as regards their decision to practice any one of the 10,000 odd versions of Christianity that suit their particular prejudices. They’d do well to remember the warning “Be careful what you wish for”. If they ever succeeded in getting a state religion, they’d very quickly find themselves at odds with official doctrine.

  2. Doubting Thomas Says:

    As a young man with many others in the UK I fought against Apartheid in Africa. The result was that we managed to import it Britain where it now flourishes. This failed Multiculturism now means that on top of the crap of the indigenous christian oppression we have the rubbish spouted by muslims, sikhs, fringe christians and any other invented theism. My only hope is that the young people ( of all races ) will reject them all. To hope that our Parliament will or can act is laughable.

  3. Ernie Says:

    Good point CZ concerning the number of Christian sects. I ask Christians who seem to want a state sponsored religion how they know it will end up being their particular brand of religion. Most wave it away being sure that their religion is THE religion but not without realizing that they had not really thought of that which usually produces a priceless facial expression.