19th April 2011

“The very idea of an abstinence-only approach to sexuality education is scientifically and ethically flawed. Such programs reflect a religious and cultural belief system of socially conservative groups who have attained considerable political leverage at both state and federal levels. AOE programs not only fail the usual public-health standard of program efficacy but also actively restrict life-saving information and promote misinformation about scientifically accepted public-health strategies such as condom use.”

National Sexuality Resource Center

8 Responses to “19th April 2011”

  1. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Well what is wrong with one foot on the floor and eyes turned to heaven?

  2. Dan Says:

    I know you’re being sardonic, but I can’t resist reminding that heaven has to exist for you to look at it…

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    There may well be atheists in fox holes, but we’re all religious at the point of orgasm.

  4. The Heretic Says:

    This reminds me of the story of the pen in space. NASA spent millions of dollars to figure out how to make a pen work in space. The Russians used a pencil.

    We spend billions on sex education, condom distribution, welfare (for mishaps), and planned parenthood (for mishaps). When we should just teach – keep your legs closed until you are an adult and more emotionally ( and financially) mature.

    I know, I know, everybody does it. I didn’t. I had parents who told me that such things were for consenting adults (like smoking and drinking), and they told me the repercussions of doing otherwise. I listened.

    How about we introduce responsibility back into society? Wouldn’t that be novel? How about we not do what feels right at the moment. Maybe we can stave off some of the single-mom welfare rolls, and 50% of kids growing up in one-parent families.

    Yes, I think that is the answer. Instead of sex education (other than in a biology class setting), lets have a class on personal reponsibility.

  5. R J Says:

    to the heretic……………..

    i applaud ESPECIALLY the last 7 words of your response.

    the loss of the sense of Responsibility is SO prevalent in our society today…………and the concomitant growth of the
    sickening sense of Entitlement. it’s global, really, and there seems to be no end in sight. i feel it so strongly, that i can
    tell you with complete candor that i am GLAD to be in my mid
    60’s and have only limited years left to endure the on-going
    BUFFOONERY that so often passes for human interaction.

  6. holysmokes Says:

    Animals begin having sex/procreating as soon as they are of age. Humans are animals too and like it or not, young teens; and even preteens are going to do it. It is simple biology. Are we trying to stop them because of archaic religious reasons, or because we feel they are too immature? Either reason is moot because we will never stop many of them. The best thing to do is to give them the tools they need and educate them about everything bad that can happen.

    Evolution sees to it that young teens are ready willing and able to have sex. It is our job to help make it an informed decision.

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    I would be the last person to disagree we should teach our kids personal and social responsibility. But the best wayto be responsible is be informed. My advice to kids about sex would still be 1) Don’t 2) But if you insist, use a condom

  8. The Heretic Says:

    Kids shouldn’t insist on anything. That is why there are parents.