3rd May 2011

“The enforcing of the niqab on young girls is not a mainstream Islamic practice. It is a desert practice which belongs to another century and another world. It is absurd that schools are enforcing this outdated ritual – which sends out a damaging message that Muslims do not want to fully partake in British society.”

Ed Husain

4 Responses to “3rd May 2011”

  1. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Muslims want to partake (excellent choice of a word) in British or any other Western society enjoying all the advantages whilst trying to dismantle it from within. There are far more serious issues than religious dress code. As a Scot I cannot criticize anyone for economic migration. Just leave the s..t behind that you came here to escape from in the first place.

  2. Atheist MC Says:

    Not the Haggis or the Irn Bru tho. We like that 🙂

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