21st May 2011

“I don't think secularism qualifies as religion. Strong atheism could possibly be considered a religion of sorts, as a firm denial of the existence of God(s) means making a judgement about something unmeasurable. Secularism is more the idea of keeping religious and civic life separate, so the opposite of secularism wouldn't be religion but theocracy.”


8 Responses to “21st May 2011”

  1. Shawn Williams Says:

    Absolutely! Spot on! Though I think thats secularism within the realm of politics. Secular thought in general would be opposed to any sacred theology. Natural theology may be secular (opposed to religious belief) but secularism in general is opposed to sacred theology, and theocracy which is sacred theology applied to politics.

  2. Tech Says:


  3. Dan Says:

    Ahhh, Tech again, with an insult (that our lives are pathetic and without meaning without gods) to start the day.

  4. Jeff Says:


    Tech, in seeking to insult, only shows the poverty of meaning in his own life. If it takes a god (or gods) to impose his meaning on your life, that, in turn, robs you of the resources (mostly mental) to discover true meaning that transcends your short life span. Even an plant has the simple meanings of passing life to the next generation, and creating a bit of beauty in what might otherwise be a dreary world. Humans have the additional one of passing their understanding to others through the various media of their work, their parenthood, their community, ad infinitum.

    Would that more of us could discover those meanings and then live their lives accordingly, rather than search vainly for an external source.

  5. Dan Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Tech, in seeking to insult, only shows the poverty of meaning in his own life.

    It does seem that way.

  6. Joanne Says:

    It is hard to find any existence in something that is not there (god)!!

  7. Jules Says:

    Yep, the opposite of secularism is theocracy. However, if atheism is a religion then bald is a hair colour.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Wait a minute, Jules. Since I’m about 3 weeks off my last Patrick Stewart coiffure, and wear a goatee, I’ve been listing my hair color as bald, with a hint of gray for years. Are you telling me that’s not right?