31st January 2008

“Richard Dawkins has proven to be one of the most wicked human beings to ever walk the earth.”

Pilgrim Baptist Church

10 Responses to “31st January 2008”

  1. Renshia Says:

    Well, guys got to have respect for someone that could reach that status.
    More wicked than Hitler, or Stalin. Who says the religious are not delusional?
    Only someone brainwashed could think such a thing…
    Right thunder….????? ROFL

  2. Mato Kira Says:


  3. Nefari Says:

    I thought Aleister Crowley had that title.

  4. Hypatia Says:

    Most wicked?


  5. Nefari Says:

    Maybe they mean wicks the most in the past tense. Possibly by wearing all cotton underclothes and jogging in the desert heat. Most wicked.

  6. Critic Says:

    I am disinclined to agree with the QOTD. ;{>}

  7. Terence Meaden Says:

    Here’s some information about the Pilgrim Baptist Church, Chicago, which was burnt down two years ago. At least, they are not blaming RD for that as might befit their apparent, warped way of thinking. Might the fire have been ordered by their invisible friend in the sky in order to test their faith, for it is said [shh, whisper] that he oft works in mysterious ways”?

    “On January 6, 2006, the church was gutted by fire. Investigators concluded that the fire was started accidentally by workers performing roof repairs during a $500,000 restoration. The roofers were fitting metal coping, which is sealed with a blowtorch. Consumed in the fire were decades of historical records, along with boxes full of Dorsey’s original sheet music. An elementary school across the street had to be evacuated, and the nearby Illinois College of Optometry building had windows destroyed by the high temperatures of the fire. Cars parked alongside the church were “virtually incinerated.”[2]

    After the fire, the brick and stone of the outer walls still stood near-complete and were determined to be structurally sound. A steel support skeleton was later attached to the outside to brace the walls for a possible later reconstruction of the interior of the building and restoration of the fa├žade. The congregation now meets in a building across the street from the burnt out structure.”

  8. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Non-belief is the default situation. That is where non-theists stand.
    Beyond that, people wanting to call upon particular beliefs about spirits, angels and gods, need to prove why—and rationally so—if they are to convince mature inquirers, as distinct from influencing innocent, vulnerable children who are their first targets.” G.T.M.

  9. Critic Says:

    GTM – agreed.

    That is the exact point of failure in all religious arguments: rational proof.

    It simply cannot be done.

  10. Rolland Reeves Says: