28th May 2011

“There is in every village a torch: The schoolteacher. And an extinguisher: The priest.”

Victor Hugo1802 – 1885

4 Responses to “28th May 2011”

  1. Dan Says:

    I know this quote is referring to the light of the enlightened mind, but I can’t help thinking of this quote referring to the angry mob, in which case this quote is a bit mixed up. That is, angry torch-wielding mobs tend to be made of “the Faithful,” while clerics tend to be the match and not the extinguisher. It was that way in Medieval Christian Europe, and it appears to be that way still in some locales of the Muslim world today.

  2. The E O Says:

    In a UK faith school there are no torches because the priests are in the schools. Segregation lives.

  3. Jeff Says:

    E O,

    It’s the same here in the US, but even worse now that fundamentalists are trying to make the teaching of evolution optional in public schools, and the teaching of creationism (sometimes call intelligent design) mandatory. However, Hugo was in the main correct – the teacher imparts the love of learning (the true torch) and the priest extinguishes by faith.

    However, down in Louisiana, a bright 16 year-old fought back, beat the fundamentalists by argument, and is now trying to roll back the law they were using to get their crap into public schools. Sometimes the children lead us.

  4. John Says:

    Does not religion require a mind to be closed? Therefore, this requirement allows the priests to frolic while the student’s get raped at both ends.