1st February 2008

“Rows about homosexuality and women bishops, and stories of child abuse are the kinds of things that tend to hit the headlines. Churches are seen by many as reactionary, behind the times, and outdated. Post-Christendom means that increasingly the churches' ideas and perspectives must stand up and be communicated in a society where the 'natural authority' of religious leaders is not only diminshing but actively despised.”

Jonathan Bartley

4 Responses to “1st February 2008”

  1. Nefari Says:

    Always nice to hear something positive for a change.

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    Yes, it is encouraging that more and more people find it possible to unload at least some of the supernatural nonsense and replace it with sense.

    Unfortunately, Britain has a government that has been actively creating and promoting ‘faith’ schools these last few years—a trend that should have been thwarted and strangled at birth. It is what comes of having prime ministers (Blair and Brown) who are ardent believers in things invisible. More brainwashed children will be a dismal consequence in those local areas

  3. Critic Says:

    …a society where the ‘natural authority’ of religious leaders is not only diminshing but actively despised.

    Sounds like paradise – if you will excuse the term.

  4. GJK Says:

    Not sure about Brown – he doesn’t seem to have the evangelical zeal that Blair had. The worst thing about Blair was that he did things – he turned his zeal into actions – despite the evidence that society was going in the opposite direction.

    Brown may do a bit of religious posturing but I think he may be more pragmatic. Unfortunately, the government is currently stuffed with religionists like Lord (as we must force ourselves to call him) Adonis.