2nd February 2008

“The Catholic Church's militant stance against abortion is an extension of the patriarchal attitudes that led the Catholic Church to degrade women for centuries.”


3 Responses to “2nd February 2008”

  1. Critic Says:

    Chris, I agree that if you don’t like abortions you should not have one. I also agree that abortion is an issue that requires intelligent thought and not a decision that should be taken lightly. And I think that while the woman’s desires area paramount, I also understand some men’s stance that they should have some input into the decision.

    After weighing all of those factors, I still think that it is the woman’s body and her decision. She should be free to do what she want’s with her body and no one (especially men) should be allowed to force their will on her.

    And, of course, I agree that the single worst aspect of the religious anti-abortion fanatics is their obsession with forcing others to act the way that the fanatics and their clerics demand.

    Ultimately it comes down to potentials and the primitive belief in human souls.

    While the collection of cells in a woman’s womb does have the potential to become a human being, it is not a human being. Frankly I don’t know where one should draw the line. That is why everyone should be free to make their own decision because there is little scientific evidence supporting ANY position.

    As for the soul concept – it is a warm and fuzzy idea that is shared by many cultures but it is also without proof. Enacting laws and forcing others to behave in certain ways based on one’s belief in “souls” is inherently illogical and ultimately foolish.

  2. Critic Says:

    The was no Eve.

    Well, there was Mitochondrial Eve. ;{>}


  3. Hypatia Says:

    Has anyone noticed how bitter the “pro-life” movement is becoming? Talk about bad losers.

    I worry about the psychological effect all this hate is having on woman unfortunate to have needed an abortion. But I don’t suppose “pro-lifers” give a damn.