18th June 2011

“Those people who claim that they do know that there is a God have found this claim of theirs the most wonderful excuse for behaving extremely badly.”

Philip Pullman

3 Responses to “18th June 2011”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    What a load of garbage! In fact, it’s just the opposite. If the only reason one behaves in a moral, ethical manner is because of the possibility of punishment or the reward of life eternal, then I believe this is a very shallow person indeed. Not believing in a god makes one take responsibility for one’s own actions – in fact, it helps one to grow up.

  2. R J Says:

    boys and girls, can you say ” ISLAM ” ???????????????

  3. Jeff Says:

    You know there are examples of religions that don’t go to war just because someone believes differently – Buddhists being the one that comes to mind most readily. The biggest difference between them and the others (particularly the Abrahamic religions) is that they know that there are multiple paths to enlightenment, and that is the goal – not salvation.

    Most of what we tend to gnash our teeth at around here is the excesses of the Abrahamic religions, and it would be a good thing to remember that all of them started out that way – Jews had Jericho, Christians more than their share, and Islam? We’re living through their growing up. Sorry, but just like all of the others, their growing pains get people killed.