27th June 2011

“The Catholic church make out they are fighting sexual abuse, but they are doing quite the opposite – protecting abusers, hailing their protectors, and excommunicating those who denounce the facts.”

Walter Van Steenbrugge

19 Responses to “27th June 2011”

  1. nancy Says:

    i agree 100%.

  2. RJ Says:

    me too, nancy

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    I agree. But I wonder if this church sees itself as being in the right and totally misunderstood, or is it as cynical as it appears?

  4. silimin Says:

    I disagree….

  5. silimin Says:

    Ahhh…!! Only accusations….

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    Only accusations? Hardly, the Churches appalling history of concealing abuse and “moving on” known abusers is a matter of public record. Its only response has been to blame secularism in the public sphere and has not once acknowledged its own culpability. It does not seem to realise that any pretence it ever had to moral authority is bankrupt until Ratzinger and his minions own up and do something to correct this injustice.

  7. R J Says:


  8. CaptainZero Says:

    I’m not sure I understand Silimin’s comment. As A-Mc correctly points out, the Church’s crimes against children are now a matter of public record and I don’t believe that everyone doesn’t know this. Pope Rat’s role in the matter is not fully understood but it is fairly clear that he was an active participant in protecting child rapists. If there is a god, I personally would hope that she might save a pitchfork or two for Rat and all his sick friends since it seems likely they will escape justice.

  9. Dan Says:

    BTW, I’m sure that it’s obvious, but just for the clueless “Silimin” = “Solomon,” the troll of months ago.

  10. silimin Says:

    These are orchestrated accusations blown into inappropriate proportions. The atheists deliberately create these stories to lure viewers to distant themselves from religion.

  11. silimin Says:


    You’re absolutely “wrong”.

    Whaaa ka…ka…ka….

  12. Dan Says:

    The least you could do Solomon was to come up with an original name if you’re still a fan of sock-puppetry.

  13. Dan Says:

    Please check the spam filter, I think my comment got caught…

  14. silimin Says:

    Atheists will be burned in !!HELL!!

  15. Atheist MC Says:

    check the spam filter, Solomon’s didn’t 🙂

  16. Tech Says:

    Well my atheists friends If there is no God who will judge the perverted atheists.Don’t try and tell me that there is no such thing as a perverted atheist.

  17. Atheist MC Says:

    Ah! just like old times. Well, Tech, yes there are “perverted” atheists, just as there are atheist thieves and atheist fraudsters and atheist muggers and wife abusers. However, there are no more of them in any class of crime than there are believers of any religion. In fact there is (admittedly tentative) evidence to suggest that religious people are more likely to end up on the wrong end of the justice system than atheists.
    The reality is dear Tech, that the only judge of behaviour is ourselves and our peers, no gods, no hellfire and no rewards for killing people in Jesus’ or Allah’s name. We are, atheists and theists all, for the most part essentially good people. Why some people are less than good may be a hard philosophical problem. Especially if you are wedded to the idea of free will. But if you are good, just because you are afraid of God, then I am more afraid of you, than you need to be afraid of me.

  18. silimin Says:

    Atheist MC,

    No matter what you rant, at the end of the day you will be chased to !!HELL!!

  19. Dan Says:

    Isn’t it obvious who will judge people, atheists and theists alike? Other people. The world is full to the brim with people who judge others.

    That’s so obvious though that I’m rather shocked that you couldn’t think of it yourself.