3rd July 2011

“Both historically and more recently, a rise in religiosity and religious practice seems to have been accompanied by deeply discriminatory agendas. So some activists are asking if there is something about religion itself that helps contribute to the rise of religious fundamentalisms.”

Cassandra Balchin

10 Responses to “3rd July 2011”

  1. RJ Says:

    of COURSE there is ” something about religion ” that foments
    religious fundamentalism………………..

    and that is………..

    the slavish and mindless adherence of the ” FAITHFUL ”
    to complete and un-diluted HOGWASH .

  2. Andrea Says:

    On one hand, christianity contributed very much to containing world population with its history of genocides, but so did Mao and Stalin. Maybe fundamentalism contributes to curbing the rise of world population

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    Fundamentalism seems to be part of the human condition. A fundamentalism becomes a universal evil when its adherents decide that everyone needs to obey its tenets. Early awareness of development of fundamentalisms might help alleviate problems.

    Unfortunately, religion is one of the factors that can help justify (in the minds of its adherents) foster, spread and therefore enable fundamentalism. The reluctance – indeed refusal – of religions to accept criticism is a very significant factor.

    Evidence supports the hypothesis that CH was right when he wrote: “religion poisons everything”.

  4. solomon Says:

    All of you are sick. Sick in the heart ranting foolishly. You will never get away with truth. Truth that will always stays and will one day gulp away all the deceits you all have been organizing.
    You all are the condemn fools & will be chased to !!HELL!!
    That is a must.

  5. Archaeopteryx Says:

    there’s no so blind as those who won’t see.

  6. solomon Says:

    Its you all that won’t see deeper.

  7. BobM Says:

    Solomon, do you understand that telling an Atheist they are condemned to Hell inspires in them exactly the same amount of fear as would telling them they’re going to be abducted by extra-terrestrials? Actually, the abduction scenario has more credibility, since at least one must concede that aliens -could- hypothetically travel to Earth, since humanity has built spacecraft and traveled to other celestial bodies, so we know such things exist in the real world.

    God? Satan? Angels? Heaven? Hell? No evidence exists for any of them. There’s book that talks about them, but that doesn’t prove they are real. The Bible doesn’t prove the existence of God any more than the Harry Potter books prove the existence of Hermione Granger.

    I’ve seen you post about “truth,” but haven’t seen you actually present any. You’ve made statements of opinion, but haven’t backed any of it up with verifiable evidence. YOU are the one making the extraordinary claim. YOU are the one that says something supernatural is real. So, YOU are the one that as to prove the claim. Threatening me with hellfire and damnation will not make me believe in something i presently consider imaginary; repeatable, verifiable evidence will. Do you have any? If so, show me. Please.

  8. solomon Says:


    Have you ever use reasoning. Will your chair simply exists without someone making it? All other creations could not have existed without someone creating and governing it. Does that proves there’s an intelligent being called God?

  9. RJ Says:

    sol…………go look up ” court jester ”

    give it some serious thought, boy……..there’s always a need for

    guys with your talents !!!!!!

  10. Dan Says: