7th July 2011

“People where getting married long before any of the main monotheistic religions where invented. Who gave the church permission to hijack marriage and dictate its terms to the rest of us?”


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  1. solomon Says:

    If the church or any other institution did not ‘hijack’ marriage, you won’t even no whose your father, your mother, brothers, sisters,relatives & so forth. Anon is a silly fool.

  2. RJ Says:


    once again sol deals the english language a CRUSHING blow !!!!!!!



  3. James Says:

    Were***** not Where!!!!!!!!

  4. CaptainZero Says:

    Oddly enough, we managed to form families and procreate long before the silly monotheists came along and gave us all the ‘one man, one woman’ bullshit. Do they not realize that all their biblical or koranic mucky mucks had freaking harems? There were also women with multiple husbands and Big Mo himself liked little girls. Jesus seemed to like guys. A lot of guys. Wink. In short, lots of different and (at the time) societally acceptable ways to form families that we don’t agree much with today and all predating the totalitarian monotheisms. Like most of the primitive crap in these dusty rags, they don’t have much that informs the needs of a modern society.

  5. solomon Says:

    Language is not an issue here…
    Deal with the subject first.

  6. solomon Says:

    You’re worst than a primitif society.

  7. solomon Says:

    That is only a little typo error

  8. Dan Says:

    Language is not an issue here…
    Deal with the subject first.

    Exactly Sol. Even if we look past your lack of proficiency in English, which we should, the stupidity of your first comment of the day is astounding.

  9. solomon Says:

    Atheism makes scholars looks like fools.

  10. Dan Says:

    Well yes, Solly, we’re all fools in some way or another. Christians, Muslims, atheists, everyone. Do you have a point?

  11. archaeopteryx Says:

    Religion attempts to hijack all aspects of its adherents lives. Marriage is no exception – I suspect it may use spouses to control each other where they differ in their degrees of religiosity.

  12. solomon Says:

    A human society without marriage will close to be like animals colony, the ape if you like.

  13. Dan Says:

    A human society without marriage will close to be like animals colony, the ape if you like.

    Maybe, but that’s not the point of today’s quote and is therefore irrelevant. The point, as you can see, is that human society will be just fine if marriage without religion becomes commonplace.

  14. Atheist MC Says:

    Marriage without religion is commonplace and works just fine. However, religion likes to imply that is the custodian of morality, a lie which unfortunately many people, even if not particularly religious themselves, fall prey to. So it was inevitable that marriage would get hi-jacked in this way.

  15. Dan Says:

    Re:Commonplace — It depends where you live. 😉

  16. solomon Says:

    No marriage is fine?
    Then how are you to claim thats your son, your daughter?
    How would be the management of inheritence?
    Your offsprings will be scattered around like stray kittens.

  17. Dan Says:

    Who are you talking to?

  18. Atheist MC Says:

    You’re missing the point Sol. Just because religion involves itself in marriage doesn’t make it any more legitimate. I know still know who the mother of my children is and who my grandchild is despite never stepping foot inside a church to get married.

  19. solomon Says:

    You don’t have the authority at all to claim them your childrens nor your grandchild. They have no identity at all. Poor kids….

  20. Atheist MC Says:

    Way to insult someone! Cowardly and pathetic, only goes to show religion doesn’t make you a good person.

  21. Dan Says:

    Honestly, is it just me or does Solly think that we’re saying that all marriage is bad?

    Because at least in this thread, it seems to me that not only can’t he write/type well in English, he doesn’t seem to be able to read well in English either.

  22. solomon Says:

    Language is not an issue here…
    Deal with the subject first.

    Language is not an issue here…
    Deal with the subject first.

    Language is not an issue here…
    Deal with the subject first.

    Thanks Mr. Parrot…

  23. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC,

    I’am not insulting.
    I’am educating.

  24. Dan Says:

    Educating? Is that what you call it?


  25. solomon Says:

    Edmond,(for yesterday’s comments)

    God only send humans to !!HELL!! if they are bad, sinned God and the likes. No one will be ill treated if they obey.Yes God already know what choices they are going to make way back before they and anything else were created. Your naive thought carelessly blame God created human for the purpose of populating !!HELL!! God created men and any other beings is for the purpose to obey his orders so that everyone can lead a decent life on earth for the short time being. You are his property. What will you do if you have a horse as a property. You would sure wanted it to do some useful chores for you. But God turn those chores into some rules that will only benefit you in return.
    And he too grant you with free choice, then why does !!HELL!! you chose for a choice?
    And with his gracefulness his willing to share his wealth & might to create other beings so that each and every one of you can feel a piece of the joys of for example tasting delicious food or enjoying the pleasure of sex.
    A monster would not create a beautiful being like human and would not supply them with abundance of water, meat, vegetables or fruits. Think about that.
    To be continued…..

  26. Atheist MC Says:

    Oh the irony.

    I am one of the people who actually doesn’t mind your presence here. Your inane and ignorant comments paradoxically stimulate some interesting discussions.
    And… I agree with you that your inability to communicate in English is not the issue as what you say would be gibberish no matter how fluent your rhetoric.

    You might find these daily discussions more interesting if you actually engaged with the arguments. It’s not your theism that annoys people, it is your unwillingness to move beyond simple minded assertions about god, who even if he exists you cannot possibly know the intentions of. If you make an assertion back it up with something, even if it’s only theology. When we answer your ontological questions, don’t just repeat the question, develop the argument.

    If your just here to bait the atheists sooner or later “admin” will ban you (again), however if your intention is to refute atheism for the obviously countless thousands of vulnerable religionists who read this blog (but never comment) at the peril of their immortal souls, you are going to have to make a little bit more effort if you expect to succeed.

  27. CaptainZero Says:

    Marriage doesn’t guarantee paternity and never did. Is Sol really so stupid as to think married people don’t have children from infidelity? That has happened everywhere and everywhen. The difference is that today (in non-muslim countries) we don’t stone the woman involved. Marriage is a word, nothing more. The commitment and responsibilities involved in forming families predates and supersedes any religious claims and rightfully enjoys some state support. It’s not even arguable. The other side is kind of hysterical about their declining control.

  28. Edmond Says:

    But Sol, you talk as if god might be hoping that we’ll CHANGE our minds, or change our “wicked ways”. He can’t do that. He should already know what we will or won’t change. God would’ve known if we were going to obey or “be good” before putting us here, so I don’t see what purpose putting us here even serves.

    If you go to buy a dog, and the shop owner can see the future, and they tell you that your dog will one day bite someone, and then you’ll have to put it to sleep, would you still buy it, knowing how doomed it is? You don’t blame the dog for fulfilling its pre-scripted role. There can be no changing what the dog will do, and what the outcome will be, just as there can be no changing what god has foreordained to happen.

    And if he created me as PROPERTY, then I DON’T actually have free will. If I own a horse, it certainly has no free will. If the horse actually had a mind of its own, and a will of its own, and the desire to do OTHER things besides only what I command, then I would respect that, and allow the horse to do as it will, provided it is not out hurting anyone. It would be immoral for me NOT to respect that, and tell the horse that it has “free will”, but I’ll kill it if it chooses the wrong things. This model of god-as-property-master makes HIM immoral. He “gives” us free will, but he doesn’t honor or respect it the way he should.

    And there may be many beautiful things in the world, but there are many awful things too. This monster is also “supplying” us with disease, parasites, natural disasters, famine… and the meat he supplies us with comes at the cost of other living being’s lives, almost certainly through violent, painful death.

  29. nonDelusionalReality Says:

    Only delusional fools give the church the authority to do anything.

  30. solomon Says:

    Atheists MC,

    What I say is true and it came from Gods words not mine. For the time being I feel the need to stay anonymous in my beliefs. I always leave a clue in backing up my assertions.
    “And… I agree with you that your inability to communicate in English”
    I know youre referring to my “And with his gracefulness ‘his’ willing to share his wealth & might to” error. That is an overlooked error due to rushing.

  31. solomon Says:

    “This monster is also “supplying” us with disease, parasites, natural disasters, famine…”
    And he did supply us with medicine too don’t he?
    The fact that he supply us with diseases for a time being is just to give other creatures(bacteria etc) a chance to live.

  32. solomon Says:


    Your past & further comments will be dealth later.

  33. Dan Says:

    What I say is true and it came from Gods words not mine.

    Hearsay. I don’t care what your friend told you – a belief system based upon rumors and hearsay is worthless.