9th July 2011

“It is grotesque to suggest that Christians of any denomination are persecuted in any country in the west. It is however indicative on the mindset of Christians that in order to sustain the delusions of their faith, they have to adopt the politics of victimhood.”


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  1. solomon Says:

    Sorry Admin..I have to make way for this one first.

    Edmond,(continuing to your July 7 21:27 comments)

    God can change anyone’s mind if he wishes to, and there are ample of ways for him to do that. These are not my words, its God’s. And the fact that he changes one’s mind is also pre-written or pre-recorded.That’s why he grant us choices. If we chooses good, then it has been pre-written that we chooses good. And if we chose bad, then it will be the other way round. Can’t you see its a very easy arrangement. Chose A or B and the rest is automatic.

    But in your lousy dog analogy, the preordained script could be changed if the dog chooses the right choice. That’s the intelligence of God. He don’t simply preplanned script for everything, but grant choices too.

    God give us free will yes. The free will to choose heaven or !!HELL!! Then why are some, too stupid to choose !!HELL!!? (solomon’s registered trademark for hell). You are still God’d property and you are given free will, and you have been told of the consequences for choosing the wrong choice.

    Everything that existed must be the property of someone, that’s a fact agreed by everyone. The chair you sit on is your property. The house, the land is the landlords property & so forth. Nothing can escape from being someones property except God. So the one being the property of someone could not afford to overrule his master. Its an universal rule.

    To be continued hopefully…

  2. solomon Says:

    For today’s quote….

    Sorry again…
    No comment.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    There you go again, solomon. You assume the existence of a god without any evidence, then you assume you know what it thinks.

  4. Rambler Says:

    I’ve found that it is extremely common for christians to merely assert their first premise (and often subsequent premises as well) as true, and then argue from there which results in hilarious constructions which lack any and all rational foundations.

    As for the quote, it is so true. One of the basic foundations of Christianity is a continual delusion of victimhood. This is done to blind themselves to any persecution and oppression they themselves bring on others. And to convince themselves that they are indeed righteous, for the “righteous” are continually persecuted by the “wicked.”

  5. R J Says:

    oh pooh. the religious people dont have any particular lock on
    it’s as common in human behavior as blinking. people LOVE to put themselves
    in the ” us vs. them ” ( or “me vs. it, them, you ) posture ….. and
    they do it so naturally, that it’s barely discernable that they’re doing it.

    victimhood is wonderfully flexible and can be adapted to almost any
    human interaction !!!
    it just varies in degrees of intensity. frankly, victimhood is one of the
    little engines that drives this website…….

    and sol, your opening response today was astounding !!!! you certainly
    took care of that pesky Edmond !!!

    there were just a few ( Sequoia-Sized ) weak points…..but hey, that
    Edmond will think twice about going up against old Sol , eh ?????

  6. Jack van Dijk Says:

    Please mention in which “country in the west” Christians are persecuted.

    Please note that I wish to have a concise answer on this question, and yes, I will delete myself from the AU membership if I do not get this. (And accept that Russia is not a “country in the west”.

  7. tech Says:

    The above quote is pure BALONEY.

  8. Dan Says:

    The above quote is pure BALONEY.

    We beg to differ.

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    The quote is referring I believe to Christians in the U.S who seem to view their “right” to proselytise to everyone as being under threat. It happens to some extent in the U.K too as Christians feel they have a right not to council gays, despite being employed by the government as such. I’ve blogged on this several times but will resist linking specifics (you know where to find me 🙂
    The point is this: In countries where to be Christian has become the default, the faithful start to assume that religious privilege is a norm and challenges to that are depriving them of something. It’s not true, it is merely giving those of other faiths and of none an equal voice in the marketplace of ideas.

  10. Atheist MC Says:

    BTW I see Solomon’s alter ego is back…funny that!

  11. Admin Says:

    “victimhood is one of the little engines that drives this website”

    No, it’s PHP actually 😉

  12. RJ Says:

    to admin…………………

    of course !!!!

    you’re OK admin !!!!!!!!!

  13. solomon Says:

    ‘Thanks’ RJ