13th July 2011

“How anyone can argue that a benevolent loving god encourages the faithful to worship him by inflicting famine, war, pestilence and destruction on them baffles me.”


10 Responses to “13th July 2011”

  1. solomon Says:

    God inflict famine & pestilence with the introduction of medicines or antidotes.
    He inflicts war & destruction to remove less quality products & replace it with better ones.
    But one thing that baffles me more is the ignorant & the arrogance of the atheists to be grateful to God who have maintain their needs with abundance supply of water, air, foods, meat, vegetables & life.

  2. Edmond Says:

    So, he just can’t get it right? And he needs to constantly update? Why not just START with the “better ones”? Why would he make the “less quality products” first?

    And why is god giving all his food to the ungrateful atheists? What about the millions of starving children in Africa? In Asia? Right here in America? Why do humans have to strive so hard to make sure god’s resources are distributed BETTER than he did, and it STILL isn’t enough? Why are these children so disadvantaged when it comes to this “abundance”?

    For that matter, if this god can do ANYTHING, then why make us dependent on “needs” to begin with? Just so he can “fulfill” them? If he can do anything, he could make us WITHOUT needs, couldn’t he? Of course, then we wouldn’t be dependent on him, would we?

    So, he creates us dependent on needs that only he can fulfill, he doles those needs out “in abundance” to only the already-richest and fattest nations and people, and for those that STILL aren’t bowing and scraping enough, he’s got disease, distruction, and death to frighten them into line.

    What a wonderful sounding guy.

  3. CaptainZero Says:

    Best argument against god’s existence (aside from the utter lack of proof): children’s oncology ward.

  4. Dan Says:

    GodNature inflict(s) famine & pestilence with the introduction of medicines or antidotes.

    No, people discover new medicines and antidotes.

    He inflicts war & destruction to remove less quality products & replace it with better ones.

    Because this god of yours couldn’t get it right the first time? Oh okay.

  5. solomon Says:

    “No, people discover new medicines and antidotes.”

    Discoveries inspired by God. See it all begins with God.

    “Because this god of yours couldn’t get it right the first time? Oh okay.”

    God has pre planned life on earth is not the place for everything to went right.

    See….its easy if you use some imaginations.

  6. solomon Says:


    Your rants will be dealth later…

  7. solomon Says:


    Who says anything about God make the “less quality products” first?
    God allways make good quality products everytime. Its the human hands(ungrateful atheists) who turns them into bad ones as time goes by. By the graciousness of God he interfers into the process to make it good again.

    And again with his graciousness he grants even the condemn atheists a chance, by not punishing them there and then, but even give all the foods to ungrateful atheists too even if they mocked him. See how gentle is our Lord.
    “What about the millions of starving children in Africa(which I presume where you came from)?”
    Why do you question this? Can’t you see on the daily television program shows tons of food supplies are constantly reaching them. Does this shows God pours the feeling of kindness to some to reach out for these childrens.

    God make almost anything depending on needs. Thats where activities are created. If not for needs, everyone would not have to do anything, just sits on a chair all day long waiting for a spoon to be fed into everyones mouth. That would be very boring ain’t it? And if God made us without needs we would’nt even know the tastes of grilled lamb or the pleasure of having sex. That would even be more boring.
    What is there to complain about for a mere simple bowing or scraping in favour of countless pleasures that God have grant us.

  8. Dan Says:

    Discoveries inspired by your god? That’s hearsay, and I don’t believe it – mostly because your god is a figment of your imagination.

    But regarding your god’s plan – yes, that’s our point. If this is your god’s plan, then he’s one heck of a sadistic jerk.

  9. Geoff Says:

    Getting back to the quote, folks, it’s just yet another anomaly about all established religions which are not based on logic or reason but a blind faith in our interpretation of the writings of some iron age desert dwellers.

  10. CaptainZero Says:

    The quote is about the Problem of Evil, which religion has never had a satisfactory answer for. The only way you can square the circle of an omni-benevolent god and the terrible plagues she inflicts on us is if you believe, as Sol seems to, that they all had it coming. Some seem to dodge the problem. A tidal wave takes out thousands of people and the survivors say “god was looking out for me that day”. What?!? If god specifically SAVED you, then she specifically KILLED all the others. This is a capricious prick you want to worship? If there is a !!HELL!! (HELL, I tell you!!!), then GOD belongs there for the atrocities he perpetuates on all his ‘children’. Maybe Satan can teach her some manners.