30th July 2011

“If you have not experienced anything which causes you to have faith, then the idea of believing in a deity of any kind would be very alien. But if you have it does not constitute proof.”


5 Responses to “30th July 2011”

  1. Dan Says:

    Something that is based on experience is not “faith.” It is simply an expectation that that experience might happen again – “trust.”

  2. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    This quote is kind of pointless. Also … “anon” quotes are a little on the cowardly side, no?

  3. RJ Says:

    i agree with johnny………….

    quote is kinda ” yeah….so ?? “

  4. solomon Says:

    I agree

  5. reetBob Says:

    Perhaps it allows believers to question their beliefs?

    I like the “quote”