2nd August 2011

“Gradually, decade by decade, religion is moving from the advanced First World to the less-developed Third World. Faith retains enormous power in Muslim lands. Pentecostalism is booming in Africa and South America. Yet the West steadily turns more secular.”

James Haught

14 Responses to “2nd August 2011”

  1. Dan Says:

    Of course – where you have successful nations that can afford to replace the social services that religion provides with secular counterparts, there ceases to be a need for religion. And where there’s no need, people realize that religion becomes more and more a waste of time.

  2. RJ Says:


  3. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    It seems to me that there is now nor rarely has been a shortage of religion employed in underdeveloped nations to control people, justify power and fend off overwhelming despair. It stands to reason that, with the advent of widespread education and the proliferation of quasi anonymous expression, secularism would become more mainstream. I don’t see a trickle – down though.

  4. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    ~there ISN’T now~ … Ugh.

  5. solomon Says:

    Its just Gods ways of maintaining peace & stability by giving power to his subjects. What would have happen if unbelievers are grant with such powers? There will be total destruction. So people of no God, cease debating or nagging for such supremacy.

  6. solomon Says:

    There’s no Government in the world that stands up without an official religion.

  7. archaeopteryx Says:

    Well, all of those Scandanavian countries are in for a real surprise, according to solomon. While places like Pakistan, Iran and so on are blazing a trail for all others.

    If he’s right, can anyone tell me when the next rocket leaves earth?

  8. Dan Says:

    Where gods hold sway, war and tyranny also hold sway, and justice appears rare. Where secularism holds sway however, there are lower crime rates, greater democracy, greater education, and people actually tolerate the differing opinions of others. Horrible to you, I’m sure.

  9. archaeopteryx Says:

    Exactly, Dan. Secularists do not want to ban religion, we recognise that some folks may wish to believe and as long as their religions don’t interfere with other peoples’ liberties and rights, we’re fine with it.

    Secularism is actually the best protection religionistas have from others not-quite-of-their-kind.

  10. Dan Says:

    Agreed – secularism is excellent protection. It also provides social services better than religions, with one extra: opportunity for anyone who’s willing to work for it, regardless of creed or background.

  11. electrabotanical Says:

    Levels of education and religiosity would tend to be inversely proportional. The more you know, the more you question. The more you question, the more you realize that religion is crap.

    Fundamentalist religious people want to control education – why do you think so many fundies in the US homeschool their kids? To keep the evilscience out of their heads. Because evilscience will show them that girls who say they were impregnated by an Angel with God’s spawn are either lying or seriously deluded. And if the birth isn’t immaculate then the prophet is just a man saying incredible things. Just a mortal man, who’s body turned to dust.

    Go ahead and pray to your man of dust. I’ll trust to science and the good will of my fellow humans.

  12. electrabotanical Says:

    The US gov stood up pretty well all these years without an official religion. It’s a little shaky right now, but if we keep it secular, it should be fine.

  13. archaeopteryx Says:

    I hope the wall of separation stands, Electrabotanical. The alternatives are very scary!

  14. electrabotanical Says:

    Religions prey on the young, gullible and vulnerable in a society.

    Which one are you, Sol?

    No, wait, you’re one of the religious heirarchy who preys on the young, gullible and vulnerable ones with one simple, silly trick.

    LOL WTF?