8th February 2008

“Neither antiquity nor any other nation has imagined a more atrocious and blasphemous absurdity than that of eating God. This is how Christians treat the autocrat of the universe.”

Frederick the Great1712 – 1786

14 Responses to “8th February 2008”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Nothing more than what HE deserves.

  2. Critic Says:

    The lord’s supper – communion wafers and weak wine.

    You know, I think I would have chosen pizza and beer myself.

    I don’t see the atheist sentiment in this quote. It appears that old Freddie was pissed at the religious (catholics I presume) because they were not showing proper respect for god – while he seems to not be to keen on catholic christianity, he certainly appears to have been for the proper treatment of autocrats and gods. Makes sense seeing as he was an autocrat of sorts. Or am I missing something here? Any historian in the house that can shed some light on this?

  3. Thunder Says:

    He obviously didn`t do his homework any more than any of you do. The reason this practice was put the way it was is the reason that Jesus said he talks in parables. As scripture said after Jesus said unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you have no life in you many (intentional to this teaching) stopped following after him. Jesus also taught he had food that they didn`t know of…… and then he said his meat is TO DO THE WILL OF GOD. Again communion is a monument. It reminds the adherent of the life and death of Jesus and also of the promises exchanged between Jesus and the adherent. The adherent is renewing his promise to live Jesus life and die his death (forsaking themselves).

  4. Nefari Says:

    Somehow I don’t equate blindly accepting a book of fiction as fact, believing in the absurd, and following the directions of a fictional character to do the will of his fictional god as homework. I think you meant brainwashing, or proper thought policing.

  5. Critic Says:

    The reason this practice was put the way it was is the reason that Jesus said he talks in parables.

    You would think that god incarnate would simply come to earth and tell us what the fuck he wants. But, no, he has to speak in convoluted, meaningless parables out in the middle of the desert to illiterate primitives. The most interesting thing is that the religious mind sees nothing wrong with this scenario.

    It seems more likely that whatever this Jesus character may have said, assuming he even existed, got so scrambled during the 150+ years between when he said it and when it was written down that we have no idea what he may have said let alone what he may have meant.

    It is clear that meaning is being applied post facto in any arbitrary way desired by the perpetrators of the various flavors of religion to increase their power over society.

    The alternative view that any logical religious mind has to accept is that god fucked up causing 2000 years of religious wars among his faithful then did not take the effort to straighten out his error.

    Yep, sounds like the autocrat of the universe really dropped the ball when he decided to create religion.

    Or, alternately, religion is a manmade evil.

    What seems most probable?

  6. Terence Meaden Says:

    “What does God mean? The idea is synonymous with irrationality, superstition, ignorance, and usually dogmatism, insecurity, authoritarianism, intolerance and self-loathing.” Peter Tatchell, New Statesman. February 2008.

  7. critic Says:

    Terrence, you are a veritable cornucopia of wonderful quotes. I hope you are saving some gems and sending them as suggestions to the Admin.

    I can think of nothing to add to this Tatchell chap’s definition. Excellent.

  8. thunder Says:

    * I think you meant brainwashing, or proper thought policing. *


  9. Nefari Says:

    Well, thunder, I really don’t know what else to call it. In order to ‘do the homework’, you are asking us to surrender to your world view. In essence that requires us to assume the very same claims that we are asking to be proven. That is an absurd process that allows any claim to be true.

    I really can’t accept subscribing to a bunch of religious beliefs and assuming its truth claims prima facie as doing the homework.

  10. Chris Says:

    Critic – you make a good point about the garbled nature of the biblical message. Anyone who has ever played the children’s game “Telephone” knows you can’t get a message around a room without messing it up to the point of incoherence. We’re given to believe that somehow the Word survived what biblical scholarship tells us was a steel cage grudge match of competing interpretations, wholesale changes, idiological (root word:idiot?) disputes, translations, mis-translations and finally written down BEFORE the advent of puctuation and it attendant goal of clarifying intent? Please.

    One has to ask Sam Harris’ question here – Is there any part of any of the holy books that could ONLY have been written with under the guidance of the creator of the universe? Of course not.

    And if it were the inspired word of the creator of the universe? Wouldn’t it be so much MORE than it IS? Wouldn’t it be undeniably compelling? Wouldn’t it be crystal clear and not open to interpretations and disputes? Wouldn’t it be consistent? It’s none of those things and so we can’t lend it any more authority or importance that we would any other piece of iron age fiction.

    Or perhaps I just am not open to seeing the truth.

  11. Terence Meaden Says:

    Thanks. In fact, I have many thousands in store, saved over the last decade and more. A few dozen are humorous. Here are some examples that may not otherwise come up:

    “Police have told a Hampshire woman that she should take down a sign on her gate that reads “Our dogs are fed on Jehovah’s Witnesses”. The message at the home of Jean Grove has been amusing neighbours and passers-by in Bursledon for more than 30 years.
    Police said they were concerned people would find it “distressing, offensive and inappropriate”. However, even a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hampshire said he was not offended by the sign and described it as “stupid”. Mrs Grove remains defiant and was unintimidated by the visit from the thought police, replacing the notice as soon as they had gone. She said her late husband had erected the sign after Jehovah’s Witnesses had anti-socially banged on their door one Christmas Day. She admits that her Jack Russell dog, so tiny she has named it Rabbit, is carnivorous, though.” NSS Newsline, 28 July 2006.

    “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation . . . the other eight are unimportant.” Henry Miller

    “Some years ago I represented my local community in protesting, on health grounds, plans to install a mobile phone mast in a church tower. The church disputed the health risks, and advised me that it could only deal with issues for which there was clear scientific evidence!” Norman Dryden.

    “Our God, some contend, is immutable
    And their faith is, indeed, irrefutable
    When he does what he should
    It’s because he is good
    When he doesn’t his ways are inscrutable.” Anon.

  12. Chris Says:

    TM- Priceless! The 3rd one killed me!

  13. Critic Says:

    Or perhaps I just am not open to seeing the truth.

    Or perhaps you’re not open to ignoring the facts that negate the ‘truths’ promoted by the religious apologists. Oh well, we all have our shortcomings. ;{>}

  14. Admin Says:

    Terrence, you are a veritable cornucopia of wonderful quotes. I hope you are saving some gems and sending them as suggestions to the Admin.

    Yes please!

    Ideally, you can enter them via the suggestions page but if you can’t be bothered just send them to admin@atheistweb.org in some format or other.