12th August 2011

“The Lateran treaty cannot serve as a credible or creditable basis for the Holy See to claim statehood. The grant of 108 acres – the size of a large golf course – was not pursuant to any international treaty, but rather the unilateral declaration of one sovereign state.”

Geoffrey Robertson

3 Responses to “12th August 2011”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Not good, but an improvement on the Holy Roman Empire.

  2. electrabotanical Says:

    Governments are too afraid to contradict the RCC, so they get a pass on lots of things. Why no prosecutions for so many child rapes? Because messing with the RCC is a political third rail. The more people leave the faith, the better for us all (and particularly the little ones)

  3. R J Says:

    electrabotanical is absolutely right, although the idea is sickening.

    the pope and his pals can get away with almost anything….

    and do. they ARE the masters of the bull-shit universe…and

    stand behind a gleaming wall of world-wide P. R. , and are

    surrounded by an ocean of cash and assets. they can squash or severely

    screw up whatever might happen to threaten their status quo.

    electra is also right about the priests wit the “Short Eyes.”

    these pukes have been porking little boys and girls all along.

    when society loosened up to the point that crap like this could

    finally come to light……the RCC reactions have been less that

    heartening. i mean there are adult pervs floating around in

    almost any group interacting with young people…….but the

    church schmucks with their holy glowing asses make the crimes

    even more stomach-turning.

    i wish Vatican City was a smoking pile of bombed out rubble….

    and no survivors. that MIGHT be a start to repairing the horrible

    damage the RCC has done to so many lives. MIGHT.