17th August 2011

“The Council of Europe – like all other institutions of its kind – seems unable to step back from the fawning deference it has for religion and see that it needs to separate itself from the demands of ambitious religious institutions.”

Terry Sanderson

7 Responses to “17th August 2011”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    From a brochure of the Council:

    “The Council of Europe is one of the oldest international organisations dedicated to fostering co-operation in Europe through the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.”

    It consists – at least in part – of representatives from bodies elected for other assemblies in the 47 member countries. That is, mainly politicians who want to get elected and re-elected. Such people often cosy up to non-democratic organisations of which religions are examples as a short cut to getting the approval of voters brainwashed from birth.

    I presume this is why the Council ignores threats to human rights, democracy and the rule of law embodied in churches, despite its own avowed mission.

  2. solomon Says:

    The religious, blessed and guided by God have been able to built up such a strong & stable system or organization. These are envied by atheists who have no ultimate direction in life. Keep on nagging.

  3. The E O Says:

    “The religious ………………. have been able to built up such a strong & stable system or organization. These are envied by atheists”

    This is almost true Sol. How is the kiddiefiddling Gay and female repression going mate.

  4. Dan Says:

    “The religious, blessed and guided by God self-righteous and professing their imaginary friend, have been able to built up such a strong & stable system or organization of ethnocentrism.”

    There you go Sol, I corrected it for you.

  5. RJ Says:

    there is NOTHING about the religionistas that is “envied ”

    by atheists.

    in an un-qualified sense, we all move in the same

    ” ultimate direction ” in this life……that is……

    to its end. but when the religious get there,

    they’re in for a BIG surprise !!!!!!!!!!

    thank you ARCH for the info on council of europe .

  6. Jeff Says:

    The Congress of the United States is even worse that the COE in this regard. I don’t know if the COE has a rotating chaplain, but Congress does, and he/she blesses each session with prayers to their imaginary friend. The very motto of my nation was changed to acknowledge a trust in the imagined one by all that I do not share, and the very money that I must earn to purchase my daily bread bears this insult to my personal beliefs. And all of this, despite a direct constitutional ban upon “the establishment of religion” on the part of Congress, and with the cooperation of the court which is charged with the upholding of my rights.

    Solly, that isn’t whining – it is a criticism of the bunch of religious zealots who have taken my human rights away – not god given, you stupid idiot, those were bought with blood and at the barrel of a gun.

  7. R J Says:


    very nice.