10th September 2011

“It is curious that Tony Blair says the 21st century would be poorer and meaner without the guardianship, not of God, but of 'faith in God'. It would seem that Blair does religion and God the same way he did war and WMDs: it is the belief that counts, not whether the object of that belief actually exists.”

Peter McKenna

6 Responses to “10th September 2011”

  1. R J Says:

    oh pooh. tony blair’s about as original as a pancake.

    this is the same skunk oil all religions push………

    and they sell it HARD HARD. they’ve gotta keep

    the faith wheels turning, or the curtains fall down,

    and the whole structure is exposed for the true

    crock of crap it really is.

  2. R J Says:


    if you’d like a look at some really masterful

    quasi-religious brainscrewing, google the


    it’s interesting .

  3. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    I think the 21st century is wallowing in the abject poverty championed by faith and belief and the false conviction which comes from pretending to know the unknowable.
    ?”Seeking the truth” is usually an elaborate and beautiful diversion from facing the facts of perceived smallness and powerlessness. The painful awareness of mediocrity is made bearable by the construction of higher powers, unseen forces, hidden meanings and unknowable truths now known.
    I say “percieved” for a reason … Just to be clear. IMO we are not small and powerless etc etc or we are and it doesn’t matter. Life and living and everything is beautiful and wonderful enough without having to fuck everything up with ridiculous truths and certainties that can never exist.
    Anyway … F+ck Tony Blair.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    ‘Faith’ is a dirty word.

  5. holysmokes Says:

    archaeopteryx: Agreed, and I have been going well out of my way to make it a dirty word for years.

    One of my frequent comments to the faithful are: “You say faith is a virtue, when in fact it is the largest VICE ever invented by the human raace.”

    Then the educating starts.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Poverty and meanness are the direct result of faith. When a person trusts faith over facts any abomination becomes possible, and often does.

    It is a function of the way the brain works. It isn’t such a big deal when maybe your boss says I need you to do this and you aren’t sure it is ethical. Maybe you don’t know and have to trust your boss, to have to take on faith what he is telling you.

    When your clergy person tells you not to use condoms, why is he saying that? Is it because history and science both tell us that the incidence of homosexuality increases exponentially the larger the family? Is it because the Catholic church is really a false front concealing a cult of homosexual pedophiles? Does the church depend on large families for new recruits to its cult of perverts? Or is it because god says he wants us to not use condoms?

    Faith in the big things like god and the government, in large corporations and political organizations subordinates your will and that is rarely a good thing.