4th October 2011

“I used to tell people only somewhat facetiously that the Catholic Church provided me with my living as a psychiatrist.”

M. Scott Peck

9 Responses to “4th October 2011”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I do well persuading the believers. Hmmn, I wonder if all this atheism isn’t me spiting my face for my nose?

    Honestly I never thought of taking advantage of the religious idiot. But, it could be rather lucrative.

    Oops! Sorry everybody, seems I’ve inadvertently shared my inside voice with all of you. If you would be so kind to disregard everything in this post it would be much appreciated.

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    I had always thought that Peck was religious, so I checked his Wikipedia entry and found that I was more or less correct (I know Wikipedia has limits). However, the entry includes this statement: “one of his religious views was that people who are evil attack others rather than face their own failures” (from The Road Less Travelled).

    Sounds applicable to a lot of what’s going on today.

  3. R j Says:

    POST AT 308

    oh c’mon sinjin…..

    ” it COULD be rather lucrative ”

    the religionistas suck money outta their flocks

    harder than a Hoover.

    look at the jimmy swaggart empire, oral roberts,

    jim bakker, billy graham, robert schuller, and

    that guy down in texas ( cant think of his name )

    who holds his tele-services in a huge sports arena

    that he OWNS ! and every sunday it’s SRO in

    that arena !!

    these mooks are swimming in an OCEAN of money

    that just keeps flowing out of the pockets and

    purses of the faithful. LUCRATIVE !!??!!??

    well , i guess you could say that !!

    i was a television director for years and years,

    and i directed a Zillion religious peograms. and,

    i can tell you for ABSOLUTE SURE they were ALL

    ABOUT money. one show i used to do monthly

    for syndication, had begun on radio in the 30s,

    and moved to tv in the mid-60s. you should’ve

    SEEN these guys !! perfect tv frauds !! silvery

    hair, ice blue eyes, perfect suits, and

    beautiful speaking voices. and they could act SO

    choked up , the cameras practically melted. AND,

    the guy who was the boss, had a LEAR, and one year

    bought his sister a BENTLY for her birthday !!!!

    absolute truth.

    the guy i was trying to think of was JOEL OSTEEN,

    and if you havent caught his act, please do. he’s

    a master speaker, and worth TEN times his weight

    in gold. and dont forget that hideous Joyce

    something-or-other. she’s got so many primo

    antiques that she’s got museums after her for

    the collectiom !!

    BIG-TIME religion is BIG TAll money. truckloads

    of it.

    anyway, didnt you tell me you have Netflix ?????

    well, last nite on netflix i watched the doucumentary

    called, ” Loose Change…911 ” and i was amazed by it,

    and quite disturbed. if youve seen it, would you mind

    giving me your take ??? very scary stuff……..

  4. R j Says:

    joyce MEYER is the woman i was thinking of

  5. electrabotanical Says:

    I’ve seen Loose Change. It makes a heck of a lot more sense than the 911 commission report.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    R j and Electra I’ll check out Loose Changeā€¦911 .

    So R j do you think you could help me become a televangelist? Except one thing I’d like to model myself after Creflo A Dollar.

    I’d have to do it black face, a la Al Jolson, to complete the fraud as I’m as lilly white as you get.

    Basically I was thinking I could be a “hightech” Creflo where I sold “prayer delivery devices” which basically look like a cars remote but with the symbol of your choosing on the outside.

    The symbol would be just a cheap plastic cover for a button that when pressed would deposit money in my account from whatever idiot would be stupid enough to buy one of these things.

    I’d be up on stage blathering some non-sense about why you needed to pay for prayer delivery instead of just doing it the traditional way.

    And I want gold hair, not blond, gold. Shiny gold hair and a shiny gold mustache.

    I need a name? Hmmn “Cleotis Cash” sounds good. I’m off now to have my name legally changed to Cleotis Cash.

  7. R J Says:


    why, you’ve got show-biz in yer blood !!!!

    using CREFLO as a model is PERFECT !! he’s so awful he’s

    almost good. my own personal favorite is jimmy swaggart.

    WHAT a palooka.

    listen…ive got great hopes for you. but, we’ll need something

    to blast you into national prominence.

    for a lark, i signed up for the email bulletin from

    TERRY JONES……….. he’s the dink who got WORLD attention

    for burning the koran. i’ll put it this way…..the guy is not

    an intellectual heavy-weight…….but if HE CAN GRAB


    boy i tell ya, i can see that gold hair and moustache glinting out

    of millions of screens WORLDWIDE !!!!!!!!!

    THIS IS GONNA BE BIG, Cleotis, REALLY BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Jeff Says:

    Sorry guys, but the really big one has already been taken by L. Ron Hubbard. His former friend, Robert A. Heinlein reported a drunken conversation in the early 1950’s in which L. Ron is purported to have said something on the order of “I’ve had it with writing for a living, religion’s the key. Found a new religion and you’ll have all the money you could ever want.” Then he went out and DID it!

    Welcome to the Church of Scientology!

  9. Rj Says:


    what a GREAT story !!! i’m sure something very close to that
    actually DID happen.

    i forgot about scientology………….now THERE’S a

    money machine !!!